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    • Request: Brush of 4x4 tiles for zoning RCIO
      By dat.tomas · Posted
      What size is one default lot in CS? Right, 4x4, and I like to leave one tile free space between two 4x4 zones, for aesthetic reasons, on to be able to lay a pedestrian path between.  Now, imagine zoning whole city 4x4 with marquee tool with leaving one free tile, and I am not talking about grid lay out city. It is a bit tiresome.   I explain my reasoning in the post above.  As for learning for doing it myself, frankly, I don't have the talent for programming. If it is very different from scripting that I already did some, and I believe it is, I don't think I can do it.
    • Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel
      By nolocond · Posted
      these slopes are better this was my 3rd or 4tth interchange this is the spur i needed help on any suggestions on what to add to blank space and things to make it look better are welcome.
    • Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel
      By nolocond · Posted
      it looks really realy good its just too spread out for me. i have some others i did finishing my highway up today that came out really smooth and look a whole lot better. if i plan the slope a little its not so bad but on some tunnels i only had 1 tile of space to work with so i left them short and steep. i think i may upload the finished highway spur that interchange is from and a couple others now that its done in that region.
    • The ones that didn't make it.
      By Odainsaker · Posted
      Arquitectonica boldly offered the striking Horizon Hill Center for San Antonio, Texas, in 1982: Three 45-story office towers and one hotel/condominum tower all joined atop a megamall...hey, it was the '80s!  However, 1982 was also the low point of the Reagan Recession, and this overly ambitious proposal collapsed.  Though planned to be located out in the inner suburbs near the airport, where it would require changes to FAA building height restrictions, this would have been the tallest building in the city and perhaps the most monumentally dramatic modern tower in Texas.  Thirty years later, Arquitectonica would design the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, a far more conservatively modest project.   However, the Horizon Hills might still have been overshadowed by the Alamo Heroes Monument, an 802-foot high landmark proposed in 1912 for Alamo Plaza in front of the historic Alamo shrine. Eat your heart out, Santa Anna!  In 1912, this new Wonder of the World would have been the tallest structure in the United States and the second tallest structure in the world after only the Eiffel Tower.  New York City's soon to be opened Woolworth Building would have been shorter, and the Alamo monument even  would have still towered over the Tower of the Americas, currently the tallest structure in San Antonio.  However, the fundraising drive launched with this seemingly outlandish drawing could not bring in enough towards the projected the $2 million cost (in 1912 dollars), and construction never began.  A much more modest Alamo Cenotaph, the "Spirit of Sacrifice," was instead built in 1939.   Alternative, early design by O'Neil Ford for San Antonio's Tower of the Americas: Recently uncovered drawings from local architect O'Neil Ford revealed that he had a much more starkly Brutalist design in mind for the iconic 750-foot high observation tower for HemisFair '68, the 1968 World's Fair.  Time and budget concerns probably led to the less sculptural tower that was actually constructed, but, I must admit, I do much rather like the more strongly flared top, and maybe even the blue color.  It certainly would have made an even more radical contrast with that nearby Alamo Heroes Monument.   Zeppelins over the Alamo: While all San Antonio craned their necks skyward Wednesday, the huge Graf Zeppelin surprised residents by soaring over the city and mooring to the Smith-Young tower.  Hugo Eckener offered free rides to all air-minded persons.  Oh, well—April Fool!—Harvey Patteson Photo. Local humor in 1931...we ended up actually waiting for 77 years until a Zeppelin NT finally floated over San Antonio. The neo-gothic Smith-Young Tower opened in 1929 as the tallest building in Texas, and remains today San Antonio's most popular and beloved skyscraper, though it never had the capability for zeppelin docking.  This landmark building designed by Ayres & Ayres was meant to be just one of a grand cluster of such neo-gothic towers in a $10 million downtown development named Bowen Island Skyscrapers, whose scope planned in the mid-1920s by Smith Bros. Properties has been compared to the later Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.  However, months after the opening of the signature piece of the project, the U.S. stock market crashed on Black Tuesday, ushering in the Great Depression and ruining both the Smith Bros. and San Antonio's prewar building boom.  We can only imagine...Rockefeller Center, but all in Neo-Gothic!        
    • My Cities: Skylines CJ Scrapbook -- The Town of Clottley
      By mb1.0.2 · Posted
      Do you run into the troubles of some of your custom assets popping up in your W2W areas? I'm having that struggle right now...especially once they get past level 2 or 3. This looks great, though. I've been on the fence about the custom theme mod. Have you had any issues with it or any weird incompatibilities? Thanks!
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