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  2. Thanks but doesn't show up in Options like Find it and so on Mode does.
  3. Airman's Hangar

    Ooooohh.. sleek!
  4. I guess I know why the extension was removed by the author: it's precisely the fact that Windows hides extensions by default. He wanted to make sure that the average user (who would keep the default setting) would still be able to tell what is what. MyHouse.sc4model will, by default, be visible in the Windows Explorer as: MyHouse. In the "File Type" column, you could read anything, depending on what software you have installed: video, archive, text, ... (all nonsense!) or simply "file". Now, if the author changes the file name to Myhouse Model.sc4model, the file will be visible in the Windows Explorer as MyHouse Model. <= you see that it's a model even if the file extension is hidden. Since the file extension would be invisible and doesn't matter to SC4 anyway, I guess the author decided to remove it altogether. Highly unusual technique, that. A little excursion into the professional world if you fancy reading it: As for showing the file extensions on a Windows 8 machine, I am on Windows 7, but here's a how-to guide for Windows 8.
  5. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Thanks :-) I played SimCity as a kid, but with Modem SimCity got a second life :-)
  6. Today
  7. Hi folks, first I want to thank the whole NAM team for the great work and effort they made and still make to the support us with a new version of the NAM. It's a lot of work, and I think, that's highly appreciated by the community. Thanks again! But for a change I do have a question: When looking through the files after the installation of NAM 36 I've found the marrast' rail stations in the MTA Station Override folder, which is great. I stumbled upon an exemplar property called "Transit Switch Fare" 0x0BFC0A4C. Because I've never seen it before in other train stations, I checked the original marrast files also some other rail stations in that NAM folder, but it looks like, those marrast stations included in the NAM are the only ones with that property. a) What's the purpose of that property? I have an idea, but I might be wrong, so I'd like to ask the gurus here and b) why is this property available in those railstations and not in other rail stations like the included Simgoober rail stations?! I am just curious Kind regards!
  8. Well, your solution to make the stuff more self explaining is the better approach.
  9. NAM 36 Now Available

    I do plan to do that at some point, but for now a lot of helpful information can be found with the new documentation found in Documents\SimCity 4\NAM Auxiliary Files\Documentation after installation.
  10. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    Terrain Query gives you three coordinates, X and Z aren't all that useful, but Y is the terrain height which by having precise information can help with a number of tasks. The trick for tunnels under rivers involves creating a land bridge, by terraforming land where the water is. Then dig down enough to make a tunnel, usually around 15m-15.5m below water level is sufficient. Drag a tunnel from at least a few tiles away from the river bank, which should work if done correctly. Thereafter you can terraform the river back into place, the game doesn't care that a tunnel exists there, it only causes problems if you alter the terrain near the portals.
  11. Solitaire: A Namibia themed map

    That project looks very good. You are right, it's the right size for detailing. It's not even only the matter that you get bored of detailing a big city to that level, it simply doesn't work (the game will just grind to a halt). Yes, you can make custom airports like that work, although it would have to be very slightly bigger. There are custom working plane stands that only consist of the strip the plane stops on, draggable runways and taxiways on the workshop. I'm not sure whether there's a way to cover up the lights though. As I had been living in the desert for quite some time, I have to say your attempt looks rather convincing. Good luck for your future projects!
  12. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    @jeffryfisher @rsc204 My problem was with the tunnel extending more than I want it to. But raising the tile where I want to the exit portal to be worked. My current problem is fixed. But for next time, I would like to know how to make use of the terrain query. Can you please clarify what these coordinates mean? Also, I didn't understand the trick you mentioned about how to make tunnels cross rivers.
  13. NAM 36 Now Available

    Someone should make the video tutorial NAM 36, Thanks
  14. An Introduction to The URS

    Nice design, just enough curves and angles to break-up the monotony of the grid and well landscaped with greenery. A made for people kind of development where industry and commerce are not overbearing and intrusive.
  15. Building a realistic European city.

    Nice little town from mostly Lost Gecko's buildings. I'd say the churchyard looks a bit too unkempt, even if it's looking great. I would probably also mellow the contrast between separated lots and open ones. Good luck with finding the reason for your problems. I use a new savegame every time I save, as this game makes weird things with saves sometimes.
  16. MGB Lot and Mod Shack

    Of course it is possible to find every diagonal grass texture that exists and simply override it, but that presents many problems. First and foremost that I probably don't know of every one to begin with, let alone the needless duplication this would create (something that really bugs me). Hence for TGN I re-purposed only the most commonly used ones, from SFBT Essentials and the BSC Texture Packs. In this case I'd use the SFBT diagonal textures to re-lot them (of course that works with either the SBFT Essentials file or my Diag Filler Override file installed, since the IDs are identical). Similarly there will potentially be many lots/items out there that were made with different textures. Whilst through TGN I do aim to handle most of this automatically, for perfect results some lotting will typically be necessary. If anyone comes across a unique set of well-used textures I've failed to cover, I may consider inclusion in future versions. But there are some limitations here and I have no desire either to simply duplicate the same textures over and over, to save a bit of lotting for end users. It's hard enough to keep on top of the greatly ever-expanding files of TGN, so I need to draw a line somewhere.
  17. Airman's Hangar

    Welp, before the crickets take over this thread I guess the only way to get it going is to Vector everyone to an actual update!
  18. Change a Letter Game v2

  19. Well for starters you've not followed my formatting instructions for the file names. Where you have _SC4.Lot it should be .SC4Lot and so on. As for the files opening in reader, I simply dragged the files onto an Icon (shortcut) for Reader on my desktop. It simply opens the file without error. However I wouldn't assume your install is setup to work this way, I recall having to manually configure it to work like this. If you are trying to open them using the File / Open command, the window that appears has a section "Files of type:". As with many applications, by default it filters only those file types the application is expecting to find (which until corrected, these are not). However if you select "All Files" for this field, you should then see everything. However, even without bothering to edit the filenames, they DO open in the LE just fine: The clocks themselves (Models) are set as Buildings, so you'll need to make them into props to use them on lots. See the attached file "ClockProps.SC4Desc", I've made a prop exemplar for each model for you: ClockProps.SC4Desc If not using the original lots, you can simply keep the original Model files and ditch everything else from the downloaded package. If you want you can redistribute my file too, find them in the LE named "Rudricus_Clock_#" (#=1-3). The real issue here though is that these files were there all along, your problem seems to be finding them in the LE. Perhaps it's worth pointing out once more, the file name you see in Windows, has nothing whatsoever to do with the name for objects in the LE or other SC4 tools. Sometimes if you load LE with only those files you are looking at (as I did here), it makes it much easier to find them. Otherwise, a quick peek in Reader at the property "Exemplar Name", will show you the Internal Name that you will find displayed in LE. Of course depending on whether you are looking for a Building, Lot or Prop, you must check the corresponding Exemplar's property, each could be different.
  20. New Logo

    At least I tried.P.S I'm still expanding the city and trying to convert the river next to El Cuervo,the very first district I started building to an L.A. river type.
  21. New Logo

    Here's a new logo for San Guillermo.
  22. ok, idon´t mind about the animaation, i just want the same sized football field as the ones from the stadiums, thanks a lot for the file
  23. An Introduction to The URS

    I like how the interior of many of the blocks of the lush, green suburbs have shared communal parks or linear parks. I grew up in such a neighborhood, which was planned out in the early 1940s with attached housing lining gridded mega blocks penetrated by cul-de-sacs. This layout created within the mega blocks large areas of parks and fields which many backyard areas abutted, though many residents opted to not even fence in their yards but to instead leave them open to these communal parks. Where proximity of the houses on the block were tighter, a narrow access path between opposing backyards still remained, and this path often became its own linear park. The larger field parks and the narrower linear parks formed their own interconnected path system, so it was possible to walk around almost the entire suburb via the park system rather than by walking along sidewalks of the streets. Sadly, later radical redevelopment of the community removed the cul-de-sacs in favor of thru-streets, breaking up much of the integrated park network into smaller park segments. I have not really seen a similar setup since, as most suburbs I see either have specifically programmed parks on unusable or unsellable land, fenced-off linear dry creeks that are intended primarily for drainage and not communal use, or outer greenways meant as buffer zones against neighboring developments. Yours is actually the first that I have seen with significant regularized parks and linear parks for its suburbs that recalls the layouts I grew up in.
  24. Second thing I tried (after trying to unstuff the files:-)), but (a) I still don't see them in the L.E., which (b) obdurately refuses to show me the lot, too ("stuff missing on your machine" -- UH ?). Neither does the Reader show me ANYthing ("no element corresponds to...”etc). How come it does your bidding but not mine ? I doth protest ! Now. Trying TWrecks trick. Er... Twrecks, I'm afraid you're gonna need those pills again. "Windows Explorer... Organize dropdown Button... top left" ... yeees... (small voice : ) where, exactly ? [those are the modified files ; I haven't put the originals back yet.] This is Windows 8.1. yet.
  25. Cephalonia (Myrtos Beach)

    @RandyE Ah, Paul Cézanne - I haven't seen that name in a while, but he was one of the favorite artists I studied in school. Loved his Mont Sainte-Victoire series in particular: Thanks for the comment and love the comparison
  26. Change a Letter Game v2

  27. Change a Letter Game v2

    begin get us out of this loop...
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