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  2. PC advice

    @MushyMushy my work uses CAD a lot so it'll be fine for that and i usually go for all in one PCs because i like how compact they are compared to towers/boxes and all the cables that go with that sort of set up (not to mention the ridiculous lights that gaming computers tend to come with). That's why I'm happy with a laptop and yeah the extra portability will be nice. The only game that i will play really is CS or the like (i like simulation builders) so I'm not looking for running first person shooters or anything like that. I think that considering I'm on an old geforce 640m (2GB) or something like that even if i get the quadro it will be more than 2x faster than that. My current all in one is nearly 7 years old so i think any upgrade will be excellent. It was top of the range when i first got it but it's in its last legs.
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    ...Work In Progress... So I've started on the rebuilding of a well known city that suffered a major catastrophe in the late 90s. Some may know of it others may not, but the events that occurred have long been forgotten by millions of Americans. I know present to you some of the rebuilding we have finished... In the first picture is what is hopefully going to be an upscale residential neighborhood surrounded by the mountains and forests. And in the second picture is a research facility located in the heart of the neighborhood owned and operated by a large corporation known as the Umbrella Corporation.
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  5. World Affairs

    Elections in germany: Merkel looses 8,5 percent mostly to ulta right AfD (just two weeks ago their candidate, Alexander Gauland said, germans shold be proud of the 'Wehrmacht') - with 33 percent still strongest but has to find partners to form gouvernement. So influence of other parties will grow stronger on german's next gouvernement. As all probable partners except of FDP, 10,7% (33 + 10 = 43, so which isn't enough to form gouvernement just in two) are anti-Trump or even anti-american and NATO-sceptical it's probably next foreign minister will be by courtesy of one of these parties. It's very unlikely Merkel will have enough power to rule on this staffing. As it's a tradition - if you do a coalition the cancelor comes from one party and the foreign minster comes from the other party. In a coalition you most unlikely will have cancelor and foreign minister from the same party.
  6. PC advice

    Long-winded wall of text: Personally I own but have yet to play C:S, but I am moderately tech savvy and assembled the desktop I'm using now from parts (and joyously look forward to doing it again one day). I learned a lot about hardware during the building process, and have subsequently helped a few friends build theirs. My point being is I can't necessarily give any specific C:S advice, but I can throw in a pointer or two regarding your other questions. My standard first thing to say is you'll always get a far, far better deal when assembling a desktop from separately-purchased parts (and cooling is less of a concern) instead of buying a laptop, but I'm assuming if you need the thing for work you probably need the mobility. I always point that out just in case though. About the GPU, the difference is what the cards are for. I don't know what your work is (which in this case is actually kind of relevant), but the Quadro series is a work graphics card intended for stuff like video rendering, for example. If you look at Nvidia's promo pages for any of their Quadro products, you will see words like "industries," "rendering," and "workstations" pop up. They are very powerful GPUs, just like the GeForce GPUs, but they are intended for a different purpose. If you look up the debate on the internet, testing has pretty much consistently proven that a similarly-priced GeForce card will outperform a Quadro card (for gaming) because the GeForce cards are designed with gaming in mind. GeForce cards can also be used just fine for work, but a Quadro card would be better in that case since they are designed for work. That's why I mentioned your work being relevant - if you need graphics power for it, then a Quadro might be a consideration, but if you don't, there's really no reason to get one because GeForce cards are gaming cards. So, if we're strictly talking about gaming here then I'll swear the GeForce is a much better choice. The takeaway from that is a 4GB Quadro will be outdone by a 4GB GeForce, and the GeForce cards have come a long way since the 9xx line. You can pick up a 6GB GTX1060 that would out-do the 4GB GTX970 I used to have before I got a new card for less than the 970 went for. Raw GPU power is, compared to before, pretty cheap. The processor thing is a lot less clear-cut, and if you look up debates about that you won't find a very definitive answer. Of course, since you are looking at a laptop your options are limited as far as CPU choices go, so in this case, the Xeon might be better. Outside of that it's hard to say. There are many, many models of i7s and Xeons, which have a variety of different clock speeds, core counts, and whatever else. When talking about the CPUs in general (outside of the 2 or 3 choices the laptop has), you can usually buy an i7 with a higher clock speed for less than a Xeon, and i7s are offered in much higher clock speeds (and support overclocks), while Xeons (server processors, technically) are offered in variations with more cores. My processor, an i7 5930k, is about a year and half old, but the model was released in 2014 - so not current gen. The base clock on it is 3.5 GHz though and it has 6 physical cores... so really it depends on which specific model is being talked about. Strictly talking about the two choices on the laptop, they're pretty similar. The Xeon is a little bit faster and way more expensive, so there's that. The Xeon in this instance isn't actually an equivalent card to the model of i7 that is offered, so I'd say the Xeon is probably better. As an aside, I'm honestly a bit skeptical of running the boosted clock speed on a laptop for long periods of time though.... but that's just my overly cautious take on heat management. Maybe I typed (a lot) more than was needed, but I always go off on a tangent when it comes to computers... -Mushy
  7. PEG Random Woods v206

    Still looking for the updated version...
  8. Jefferson Memorial Debate (2020 Update)

    Rulo selected for Capitol complex The designated growth area west and north of Rulo has been selected for construction of the White House, US Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. The town of Rulo has quickly expanded to meet the National Mall. Protests shut down Jefferson Memorial A group of protesters have gathered at the Jefferson Memorial to prevent the completion of its construction. They are demanding that the Jefferson Memorial be renamed because of Thomas Jefferson's support of slavery. This has sparked a debate in the city on whether the memorial in that location should be dedicated to someone else. Please let your voice be heard in the poll attached to this post. Brenner Field becomes 1st official airport in district Brenner Field in northeast Falls City has been officially designated by the City Council as a city airport. Mayor Kevin Williams said at the announcement, "We hope that the airport's close proximity to the White House and Capitol will bring quick growth to what will likely become New Washington's downtown area." 2020 Business Update Industry Demand Utilities 2,116 Restaurant 506 Store 828 School 607 Medical Center 1,012 Office 83 Annual Company Financial Overview Company Player Industry Last Year's Cash on Hand Sales Profit Misc. Profit Misc Expenses Cash On Hand Prime Oil & Gas X Natural Resources $55,828.55 $2,620.80 $0.00 $0.00 $58,449.35 Tarkio AgroSciences X Consumer Goods $28,494.40 $1,201.20 $0.00 $0.00 $29,695.60 Smith Realty X Real Estate $61,511.50 $5,505.50 $0.00 $0.00 $67,017.00 Central Sewer X Utilities $44,436.28 $32,570.00 $0.00 $0.00 $77,006.28 Helios Electricity X Utilities $36,146.30 $32,570.00 $0.00 $0.00 $68,716.30 Rosie's Burgers & Shakes X Restaurant $59,375.90 $10,216.50 $0.00 $0.00 $69,592.40 Nemaha Grocery X Store $80,340.05 $6,993.28 $0.00 $0.00 $87,333.33 Yearly Inventory Industry Produced Sold Obsolete Inventory % Change Natural Resources 500 80 420 0.00% Consumer Goods 1500 60 1440 0.00% Real Estate 100 22 78 0.00% Utilities 2000 2000 0 -100.00% Restaurant 1000 506 494 -7.14% Store 1000 828 172 -26.81% School 0 0 0 #DIV/0! Medical Center 0 0 0 #DIV/0! Office 0 0 0 #DIV/0! Total 6100 3496 2604 -5.31% Average Price Industry Current Change Natural Resources $36.00 0.00% Consumer Goods $22.00 0.00% Real Estate $275.00 0.00% Utilities $40.00 -12.57% Restaurant $25.00 0.00% Store $11.00 0.00% School $100.00 0.00% Medical Center $100.00 0.00% Office $400.00 0.00% Full business details can be found in this spreadsheet.
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking of upgrading my computer to this guy: Now I'm aware that people think GeForce is better than Quadro when it comes to gaming, but surely with 4GB it's going to be fine right? and the Xeon processors are gonna be great for the simulation side right? I could opt for the i7 7820HQ processor but it would still be paired with the Quadro. and i7 vs Xeon, the i7 is 2.9 up to 3.9 GHz but the Xeon is 3.1 up to 4.2 GHz so surely the Xeon is better? I've just read a lot of reviews where people swear that the Geforce is better and there's usually the i7 being used not the Xeon, like why would you opt for the i7 over the Xeon and the GeForce over the Quadro? There can't be that much difference? My main game is CS anyway so as long as that'll run smoothly I'll be happy (the rest of the power is for my work) Cheers in advance tech savvy guys
  10. Adam Sandler is a versatile actor... Got to love this movie and this song.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    The last one is extremely good. Especially the night lighting.
  12. Any chance I can get z_RHD_ped_overpasses.zip When the file downloads it says it is corrupted or invalid. Same happens with otherof those extra files.
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    Ah. Yes, of course but... no, OMG, he is on the STEX (I thought I would have to go to the Spanish website...) OK, thanks !
  14. Prague

    @RobertLM78 I can definitely see that. Before I started True Earth, I had about a million random projects I was working on that ended up getting scrapped one way or another - I still think to this day that it probably helped me out in some way, really learning about what worked and what didn't etc. It really does give you a unique insight. @mike_oxlong Thanks! Unfortunately, my plugins folder has been growing exponentially lately with all the downloading I've been doing. It's taking forever to find anything, let alone load the game, so be careful what you ask for.. And that might break about 17 site rules too, so I'd rather not.....
  15. Maroon Bay Cow County !

    Looking good! I like what you did with the cow pens and the MMPs are getting better and better. Keep it up
  16. Just a little word in edgewise : I am using rivit's tweak AND the USL on the lots (and relots) I've been making recently ; I find the combination of both gives the best results. My night mod is Masthy Night.
  17. East Enokido Rail Line

    Great update! That's one of the coolest railyards I've ever seen made for this game @alipudings I believe those are Uki's catenaries if I'm not mistaken - http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/zz_uki_Catenary_Mod.zip
  18. We Will Deliver


    1. Fantozzi


      They look real. Really real. Like you hear the scream when heavy metal doors are moved and trains get into movement and the couplers are yelling down the yard. Like you can touch them. Exquisite texturing.

  19. Here ye all for the Anti-psychotic has risen. Oh the great and terrible day of the rise of the anti-psychotic.
  20. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey Guys Good night there is some 1x1 or 2x2 with so many jobs ? thanks
  21. Show Us What You're Working On

    What about asking @KOSMO* for the source files?
  22. Welcome to the city of San Salvador. Where the sun is always shining and polished roads with fancy hotels cover up most of the misgovernment. A city of opposites. This is going to be a multi episodes series through the whole building process. Episode 1, I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcomed!
  23. Polka Dot Stingray - Syncronishika. If this was just a pretty face I'd have moved right on, but the band is pretty darn good.
  24. Yesterday
  25. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    The weirdest basho has come to an end with the sole yokozuna Harumafuji taking the championship. That was not my desired outcome (my second favorite rikishi Mitakeumi fell out of the race early last week), but oh well, yokozuna is gonna yokozuna. Celebratory chankonabe is still served for dinner! It is so hot up here, we hit 90F today and yesterday and this is Upper Michigan on the Lake Superior shoreline after the fall equinox. I'm fairly certain this weekend was a punishment on me for something, but I can't figure it out. Ice cream will remain a free for all at our ice cream bar through Tuesday when the temperatures are to begin their 30F plunge into the 50s. Fall will finally be here.
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