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    • Can't Find It? - Ask Here!
      Thanks.  Those are helpful pieces.  They seem to be in a different sidewalk texture, I have not used that one yet, I am still figuring out about sidewalk mods I think.  To have a simple set of under bridge pieces that match the pedestrian mall textures in the NAM would be nice, useful to a lot of people I would think since the ones from Kazuki seem to be gone.  If you can do it it will be great, thanks for your help in any case, you make so many nice things!
    • Network Extensions Project
      Hi ya'll, Lazarus*Man here. @GC_Vos Looking at this photo gave me an idea.  I wonder what your roads would look like if a normal (XYS) map was applied.  That would look super awesome!
    • Show us your Detail Shots
      Wow. Reminds me of Simcity 4 But this time in 3D!