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    • Microsoft continues 'bullish' Windows 10 upgrade tactics
      Yes, I have MuseScore as well, as well as a couple ancient (10+-year-old) versions of Finale.  I usually recommend MuseScore to my theory and composition students who are looking for notation software, but aren't quite ready to splurge on Sibelius or Finale.  Can't beat the price, and it's way more full-featured than the stripped-down free version of Finale (Notepad).  For my purposes, though, Sibelius 6 has been such an integral part of my workflow.  I am looking to switch over to Steinberg's new program, Dorico, once it comes out at the end of the year, however.  It's designed by the originally Sibelius development team, who Avid (Sibelius' parent company) inexplicably and stupidly decided to lay off about 4 years ago.  Will be curious to see how well that one will be handled by Linux and WINE. Reading the further aftermath of this Windows 10 update flap, and some of the damage it's caused, I have to wonder if Microsoft may have opened themselves up to a ton of potential litigation. -Tarkus
    • Avanya's buildings (Update 27/5: Another factory released)
      That might be the way to go. The way I do it is I zone or plop one building, then start filling in around it with a loading dock and maybe some train tracks running beside or behind if it seems like it needs it. I wish your Glass Works (which I love btw) could have retained the train tunnel through the center like in that original version picture. That would have been really cool. Maybe an idea for the future.