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Opening shot of new City Journal featuring cities and scenes from Germany's North Sea Coast.

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Awesome picture! You could get rid of the yellow pause frame and u drive it icon, though, that'd make it even better.

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    • By joe064
      What has happened to the community of Simtropolis? I've been playing for many years but I've never been able to properly introduce myself, but when I come back to see what I have missed I'm astonished, it seems to have been quiet.
      I'm making my return, so I hope to upload some SimCity 4 content, but I don't know any timeframes.
    • By MrsBini
      Hey, everyone!
      I'm Bini and long time simmer, though, completely new to The Simcity franchise. I recently installed The Simcity Complete Edition and I'm really enjoying it so far. I tend to do most of my gameplay offline but I have joined a couple regions online. You can checkout my profile if you have any interest in finding me.
      So quickly, I'm in my 30's - married and a parent - and been an avid simmer for many years but with The Sims. I hope this is the place to get some helpful insight and advice for my Simcity adventures. I'll be posting about. Cheers x.
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      Recently there was a change in my interests, now i kinda like simcity 4 a lot, thats the only game im playing rite now. Im actually a big fan of skylines and high-rise buildings. That was kind of a goal for me whenever i create a new city in sc4.
      But I never really got a high-rise until this new city which i made was fully filled with high-rises but i made a new area and downloaded tons of BATs from STEX and then added to my city and made it the downtown area. Just Because the nightlightings are cool.

      I Made this Journal abt my favorite city and all the things that are happening in it.
    • By deimo5
      Welcome to the Andremore Metropolitan Area
      Update 11/16/2014: You can now click on these images for a full view.

      This City Journal takes you on a journey through the expansive city of Andremore and its surrounding regions.

      I. History

      The story begins when settlers migrating from the north found a plot of land just outside of the limits of the State from which they migrated. The settlers wanted to incorporate a city where they could have a freedom of cultural expression that was being stifled by the conservative attitude of their parent state.

      The site of the proposed settlement was on the border of two relatively small states on the east coast of the country of Zodia--Geminia and Tauria.

      The city of Andremore was founded in the northeasternmost corner of the State of Tauria.

      II. Today

      Today, Andremore is the largest city on the east coast, featuring the tallest and most diverse skyline in the country. With the most expansive seaport in the country, Andremore serves as the largest importer/exporter of commercial goods.

      The metropolitan area has a whopping 6,835,000 residents and 3,049,000 jobs spread out across several incorporated cities and suburbs. The remainder of the City Journal will walk through each of the major highlights of the metro area, stopping in various cities and suburbs along the way.

      With a sprawling populace and rapid growth, the Andremore government had the foresight to invest liberally in the development of an intricate highway system. More details about the interstate system will be provided in a later post.

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