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Other images in Schieffelin


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This is the original plan that I have for Schieffelin. I created the drawing to scale to show the concept of what I would like Schieffelin County to look like.


Joe064, future Mayor of Schieffelin

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    • By CorinaMarie
      I found the free Journal Keeping program called RedNotebook and I have this idea I could use it to organize references to SC4 content online.

      I've hidden the right-side Tags Pane since it seems useless and I've turned off the Word Cloud since it's just a cluttered mess.

      Then I randomly picked Jan 01, 2000 to create an Index to the Tags I'll use. (This is all fleshing out the idea atm.)

      I've tagged some entries with #SC4_Mapping so when I search for that I get a list of just those entries in the left-hand pane.

      Here I'm searching for a word within a tag.

      And here's this entry in Edit Mode as I'm creating it.  Notice each of the picture linkys are on the web itself.  This lets me see they are still there with viable links. I paste the same linky twice then edit the top one to display as an image within RN (RedNotebook). The 2nd link is so I can either click it to open a browser tab with it or copy and paste it to someone in chat.

      So far the only bug I've found is that this silly program does not understand multiple carriage returns for spacing things out. So, I use a dot and that works ok.
      Anyhow, when I first started adding linkys to the mapping tools I put them on the date of their upload or last modified date. Since I feel this could work as a nice searchable index to all the SC4 tools I'm wondering if I ought to just arbitrarily pick years starting from 1900 (the oldest it will allow) and just say 1901 is for map stuff. 1902 for lot stuff and so on.
      Any thoughts on this? (I've attached my RN data files to this post in case someone wants to test drive the concept.)
    • By boformer
      Yesterday @TimTheTerrible[NL]
      asked me a few questions about Sub-Buildings Enabler and modular buildings, such as train stations with varying platform counts.
      Right now "modular" just means that there are multiple separate buildings which are hard to align correctly, just like network puzzle pieces in SC4. The modules are cluttering the menus of the game.
      SBE's purpose is the grouping of multiple small buildings into one large building. Only the main building is displayed in the menu. The mod only executes on startup, not while buildings are placed. There is no way to customize the placement of the building.
      It would be possible to add a building customizer window similar to the NetworkSkins window. And with that, different options could be selected, for example the platform count of a train station, or the configuration of an airport terminal. Technically, asset creators would supply multiple SBE XML files, and the player can choose between them.
      Advantages: Only one menu item, simple placement and only a single selectable building that can easily be removed and bulldozed.
      The mod could go even further: There could be an option to place airorts without integrated runways, or to place buildings without the integrated props and trees. The stats of a building could also depend on the selected placement option.
      That comes very close to SimCity's modular buildings.
    • By boformer
      What are your thoughts? Ideas?
    • By VeeTHis
      Is it possible to make 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 "invisible" park lots that you can plop and use to make Districts? You can have up to 3 districts in small city tiles, 4 districts in medium-sized city tiles, and 6 districts in large city tiles. In order to seperate districts, you need to place a 1-tile gap around the whole district to make it a separate district and not make it one huge thing if you have multiple districts. The way to name these districts is simply get the "question mark tool" thingy, and hover over parts of your city to find a district you want to rename, click on the district, and rename it. The default name for districts will be "A Simple District". Like I said earlier, the actual lots you have to place down to make districts will be invisible, so you can still see your city.
      So, is it possible to make this kind of mod? I got the idea from the ability to make districts in Cities: Skylines.
      If someone does make this or has already made something like this, please send me a link to the mod.
    • By Zeticulij
      I was wondering, would it be possibly to create a mod which created a floating city? Perhaps a platform that can be placed, even if it had to be connected to the ground by a beam, which would allow you to build a city in the air? I'm starting to get into the idea of futuristic cities and this idea is one that I've had for quite some time. Is such a thing possible, and if it is, does it exist?
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