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The Border

A military outpost separating two parts of a region. Hence the name "The Border".

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I'm just browing you splendid album and I happen on this image. Have you managed to relot ATEX tube train or even --good gracious ! -- to make it functional ???

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On 9.12.2015 at 10:24 PM, tariely said:

I'm just browing you splendid album and I happen on this image. Have you managed to relot ATEX tube train or even --good gracious ! -- to make it functional ???

late answer, i know

Neither! I'm actually using the JENX terrain paints and a decent amount of Photoshop.

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On 17.12.2015 at 3:08 PM, tariely said:

Oh. OK, and bravo, ! But where does that tube thing come from, then  ???

The tube itself or the Hyperion logo on it?
If the tube, it is indeed the ATEX tube, completely unmodified.

If the logo, Photoshop.

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Really neat pic. Reminds me of Huston's style.

Had some fun browsing through the rest of your pic album as well, thanks for sharing *:)

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