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Farmland, Windmills, and Pond

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    • By Bollocks12
      So, I recently installed SPAM and tried experimenting with it. But none of my citizens seems to want to work in DI or MI anymore. Any suggestions? 
    • By EdwardUV
      I have a simple question:
      Does the number of work spaces from normal agriculture from a certain area is the same as the number of work spaces from SPAM agriculture on an area exacly the same?
      If not the can you tell me If the difrerence is pretty big and game changing.I am new to SimCity 4 and i dont want to make the game harder but i want IT to have variety and realism.Oh and while You are still reading ,some mod/lots sugestions wouldnt be bad.Thank you for reading this and pls answer as soon as possible.
    • By kingofsimcity
      KOSC presents: FA2 Open Grass Fillers (Beta)
      This is a small set of 2x1 FA2 compliant fillers aimed at eliminating the "staircase" wealth grass effect on fractional angled roads. As a beta release once again, there's a possibility for a greater and enhanced version in the future with support for other FA networks.
      Package Overview
      There are 10 pieces in total included in this set. Basic pieces include left and right side fillers as well as a inner transition piece (blank and with trees). Left and right side fillers are offered in 4 variants - 1 blank and 3 with trees (each are different).
      General Stats
      Lot Sizes: 2x1
      Wealth: $$$
      Cap Relief: R$ 2000, R$$ 2000, R$$$ 2000
      Plop Cost: $5 (blank pieces), $10 (with trees)
      Maintenance Cost: $10
      Lots are found in the parks menu.
      Surprisingly light for once!
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 2
      SPOT (for positioning helpers)
    • By robdragon
      Hey all,
      Hope I have this question in the right place if not let me know.
      I'm trying to locate in put into Damn some of the SC4 lots like the ones in the rail menu and the Nam stuff. Also Damn was working fine until today it keeps greying out. I hit the menu button in the news ticker but that just gets Damn to work for about 3-4 seconds then greys out again. Tried restarting game no help there. Also trying to insert the SPAM stuff in Damn also and can't find it. If I go into File Explorer it's there but in Damn it's not.
      So if anyone can steer me in the right direction would be appreciated.
    • By a.panda
      I may have missed something, but is there a simple way to control where the farmhouse of a farm appears in a zone? For example, I have a 9x9 farm zone with a 5-tile street placed directly into the centre of the field, and I wanted the farmhouse to appear at the centre of the field. But sometimes the farmhouse appears near the boundary (the first street tile touching the farm zone) and makes the rest of the street seem useless.
      As you are here... how far can I zone a farm away from a road/street, without the no road access icon appears?
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