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Rural Interchange

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    • By MarkShot
      I know the fastest route is always chosen.
      Is that the fastest route absent of congestion considerations?
      Or is that the fastest route given current traffic conditions?
      I ask, because
      * I am doing a region.
      * I have followed this approach:
      ** HSR for inter-tile transport.
      ** Ground rail for inter-tile freight.
      ** Roads for intra-tile freight and transport. (no roads cross tiles)
      ** Workers move by bus (and in high density tiles) by subway too.
      So, I am thinking of putting in some cool NAM highways like a 10S or 8C.  But I am thinking unless the highway connects someplace theoretical faster or I exclude some HSR connections; if it is the fastest route without congestion consider, then either my HSR or highway will sit unused.
      So, can I get traffic balanced across major arteries or should I be very careful not to make them parallel?  Or will I get traffic because $$$ workers will prefer to drive?
      Sorry, I know I sound very confused.  I just want some tips before I start laying asphalt.
      (see below for what I am talking about)

    • By MarkShot
      So, I embarked an retrofitting some NAM.
      First, is it a known issue on an OWR-5 that some automata go the wrong way?  Down the center lane?  (see screen shot)
      Second, I could not figure out how to make RD-6 turns.  I ended up with intersections which don't really make sense.
      But it was a first attempt.  I see with grading and everything else why the focus it on roads first.

    • By MarkShot
      I have beeen watching on YouTube the 100 part series:
      SimCity 4- Building A City From Scratch (Let's Play)  by haljackey
      to see what I could learn.
      This is it:
      I have finished 4 of 100.  He is doing as I would expect creating some of the  road/rail infrastructure prior to letting the clock run.  (pretty much using infinite money).
      He is doing what I do not know how to do; make things level.  He is doing this mainly because it looks really good.  I am, in fact, playing this game in part due to the aesthetic appeal.  I am watching all that he is doing, but I either don't understand or cannot duplicate.  I will describe just a few of my problems.
      (1)  He is using the NAM Bullet Train Tracks to create level elevated embankments for RHW/NAM roads.  By laying them and then deleting them.  I did run the NAM installer again and add the Bullet Train, but I cannot find what he is using.
      (2)  He is using what looks like a single tile Maxis road to level out minor slope issues.  This I think I got, but it often seems that as I keep doing this, it ultimately creates an earth wave which cannot be leveled.
      (3)  He is using what looks like a one tile ploppable parking lot to bring the sides of the embankments in #1, back down to base level.  This generally makes the embankments not much wider than the road/rail which sits upon it.  I don't know where he has gotten this ploppable or tool.
      (4)  He is using a road.  I don't think it is the MAXIS road, since it shows two rounded nubs at the ends as a measuring tool to count grid units.  What is he using?  Where is this thing?
      (5)  He is using roads (it doesn't look like MAXIS) again as quick way to accomplish almost the same task as #3.  #3 is more precise, but this is broad strokes and quicker.  What NAM draggable roads is he using for this?  And from where?
      (6)  He is using either the Mayor mode or Mayor/God mode terraforming quick level tool to handle some macro work.  I have tried it myself.  It works as advertised, but besides leveling it seems to put the leveled area into a depression.  How do I avoid my highways being sunken with the quick level tool?
      (7)  He is using some draggable NAM road laying to turn sharp grades into gentle grades.  What road is he using?  And where can I find it?
      As you can see, I need help badly.  If there are NAM tutorials, you could say I need pre-NAM schooling, since I am not even ready to lay down a network.
      Below is an example of how my stuff looks ... and I wanted to do better.  Mine looks like Roller Coaster Tycoon meets SimCity!
      H E L P    P L E A S E    !!!!!!!!!!!!         Thanks!

    • By RandyE
      I re-worked the Traffic Control Center and added 6 more 2x2 Park Menu lots that can be used in the the NAM avenue roundabout.  There are 3 more 'Control Tower' themed lots, and 3 different park lots, one is an amusement type using the Maxis Tilt-a-Whirl ride, one a forested rest-place with a gazebo, and the other a decorative grassy park.  All the lots use Maxis props and lighting, and have unique Park Menu icons.
      All lots have the same stats:
      Park Effect: 10 over 10, Landmark Effect: 20 over 10.
      Power Consumed: 20 MWh, Water: 10 gph.
      Monthly Cost: 50§
      Minimal water and air pollution.
      The landmark effect is a bit higher as they are feature parks, the 'Control Tower' lots having an imaginary civic function in controlling city traffic.  The roundabouts are part of the Network Addon Mod (NAM) which is specialized for transit and traffic networks, but the lots are stand-alone and can be used separately as park lots.  If using the NAM bulldoze the default lot in the center of the avenue roundabout and plop one of the 2x2 lots.  Any 2x2 lot can be used.
      The dependency file is located on SimCity 4 Devotion (SC4D) on the following linked page:
      Maxis Lot Editor (LE) Tool and Addons
      Install the 'Roundabout Variety Pack Lots' folder in the zipfile to the 'SimCity 4\Pulgins' folder in user 'Documents'.
    • By Guerro1996
      Look at this beatiful avenue crossing, love how beautiful the trees look in the area!!, everytime I try to do avenues the greenest possible.
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