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You shall not pass... even for an emergency.

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When there's a fire on the other side of the road but the light won't go green.

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    • By Appleton
      I just created a town of about 6,000+ sims and already there are automatic forest fires breaking out south of the parkway, this area has become really devastated. I'm not sure what's spawning the fires in the middle of nowhere. Could it be hot temperatures, arsonists in the woods,etc? All of the forestry  had to be replaced costing me simoleons to plant new trees in the burnt out zones smh.

    • By AprilAero
      So about a week or so ago, I was playing SimCity 4 building a new city block that had absolutely nothing in it. no zones , no roads , no streets , no avenues. Just a 6C and a 6S running cross it. between the 6S  I had a central reservation made of grass tiles and trees. Well I was working on my RHW network. 
      And I get the there is a fire dialog pop up and one of the grass tiles closest to the edge of the map has caught a blaze. I don't have any footage of this happening but I was streaming at the time on my Twitch channel, https://www.twitch.tv/hayleyaetherasky , my friend @MeMyself&I was the only witness to this. 
      Does anyone know what would cause something like this to happen with no structures what so ever in the city , just a little bit of RHW?? 
    • By catty-cb
      Christchurch, NZ is facing another disaster this time its fire 

    • By phath3
      A fire station for your cities!! 110 plop cost, 3x2 lot, 2 fire trucks and 150 a month. Hope you like it!! As always all comments are welcome!! 
      Gizmo Vehicle Props Vol.3
    • By ghosty20
      Just been playing a city of mine and noticed that the Fire Stations are not working before the new DLC fire trucks were on the scene of any fire in minutes.. Since the new DLC I have noticed that if there is a fire there are no fire trucks rushing to the scene and pretty much the buildings burn down..
      And well I have no idea what is causing it and how to fix it any help would be greatly appreciated thank you..
      UPDATE: Well seems I have found the issue and that is the Helicopter Priority Ordinance if it is turned on and you don't have the building in your city fire trucks will not spawn..  Learn something new everyday.. lol
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