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Venish Transit Hub UG

An underground view of the transit hub, where all the action's at. A mass or mess of tube lines! You can get to anywhere in the city from here!



© Kyle Spokes

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    • By fujikazu
      I just recently started playing again for the updates since After Dark and wanted to update a previous interchange asset going by the same name that I made. Which, this whole time was missing 2 connections but I never noticed. It's easy enough to fix the other one yourself if you prefer the cheaper and slightly smaller 3-lane version but this 4-lane version should have all highways connected to the others allowing travel from one highway to the other 3.

      All ramps are two-lane one-way highways for higher speeds and all road pieces have sound barriers(also easy enough to change to the non-barrier version yourself if you prefer).

      I have included a picture with arrows showing the connections(forward, left, right, U-turn) just in case anyone wanted to make sure. 

      If you get a slope too steep error it's probably because of the turning ramps. Either get a mod or edit it yourself in the editor if you feel it happens too often.
    • By PUGG3RS Gaming
      In this Video we recreate one the hardest intersection to date, the high capacity interchange - The Pinavia.
      With more then 7 hours work behind the construction and detailing this is by far my greatest achievement in terms of interchanges! I hope you enjoy! 
    • By GTSinc
      I've looked far and wide on here and sc4d and couldn't find any answers.  I tried playing around with the Subway Placement Tuning Parameters to hopefully make the subway essentially ignore slope.  So far I've failed. I have a few cities that have incredibly steep canyons right through the middle of them, and I would like to force the subway to cross it regardless.  I don't care at all as far as realism goes for this.  Just curious on what I should change to make that happen.

    • By fredinno
      This is definitely a mod issue, but I can't seem to figure out exactly where.
      And no, I only have one copy of NAM- Subway is the only thing with this issue.

    • By Nilo7
      GLR/Subway Transit Hub

      LOTting by Nilo7
      MODding by B22rian

      Size: 328 KBs


      This is my second Lot. It is a similar style to my GLR to Subway Transfer Station, obviously the only difference is the second GLR track in the front. I'd like to thank Cogeo, McDrye, and the RTMT Team for creating the props that I used as dependencies in this Lot.


      This is hub, so that is how it functions in SC4. Commuters can transfer between any one of the lines.


      Size: 3x3 tiles
      Plop cost: 200
      Power: 0
      Water: 0
      Monthly Cost: 90
      Pollution: 4 over 6 tiles
      Capacity: 50,000

      -You can find this hub under the rapid transit tab under Transportation, along with the other subway/el rail/GLR stations.


      Sorry, there are 4 dependencies, they're all small though.

      London Underground Station Resized by McDrye
      Semi-Transparent Train Station Models by Cogeo
      Roadtop Mass Transit V3 Installers by the RTMT Team
      JRJ Pedestrian Overpasses 1 by Jeronij

      Note: I have included a DAT file labeled "RTMTV3_PropF_Subway_McDrye_Black". It is created by Cogeo, not me. You will need this DAT file for the two black subway entranace props behind the real subway entrance. This is an optional detail, you can keep it or remove it.

      Note: For the last dependency, you will need to have an account at the BSC Lex to have access to download it. Once you are signed in, you should see a download link.
      The BSC LEX homepage is here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/Default.htm

      If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

      Hope you enjoy!

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