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Wee Britain

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Just an area of town themed with UK assets that I built while testing a new map I'm working on -- my first hand made map (no height map).ri


rik4000@steam for UK assets, boformer for the awesome building themes mod.

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      While creating different neighbourhoods in my Boston recreation I can see a pattern that I don't like: A newly built neighbourhood with a custom building theme quickly levels up and becomes uniform depending on the level I'm locking it with the building level up control mod (after a few game-years all the buildings have reached their max level). So while in the beginning of the cycle the neighbourhood looks interesting, diverse - but all the nice lower level assets are of no use because they are quickly being replaced by the next level buildings.
      I know - I could limit the level of each building manually - but this is no option with a big city like Boston... Some of the asset series creators work with L1 buildings only because of that. But what do you guys think of that and how do you work around this problem in your cities? It's such a waste of time to create complex building themes and lower level buildings if everything ends up being the same anyway in no time... (And don't tell me to lower conditions for certain neighborhoods - even really bad areas have schools and parks and bus lines. And levelling up happens much too quickly).
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      Hi, does anybody know what the grading criteria is for Big Ben's Top Ten CJ? I want to win, but I don't know what the different aspects of it are. I understand is a scoring formula based on a number of things judged, but what are the things he's judging? Any info would be great, thanks in advance.
    • By flippityfloo
      Been experimenting with the building themes mod and loving it! Here is a part of my UK terrace district.
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