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    • By mayhemartist
      One thing I really appreciate that was a total accident is that from this angle the left side of the city has blue and purple tones while the right has orange and red tones.  Meanwhile, the middle just has a flow of it's own.  By the way, this was one of the first times ever using the project AKAR enhancement by Yayie and if you don't have this I highly recommend getting it.  It completely changed the game for me.  I can get things done way faster and more precisely and specific to whatever the goal is.
    • By mayhemartist
      Big Blue is a planet that is almost completely water (F-Zero wiki, http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Blue )  On this planet the building literally come out of the water.  How did I manage to do this in SimCity (2013)?  Well the answer is "Skye's Regional Freeway Mod" (Download here) , that awesome tool that fixes the Space Center Great Work Glitch (see here).  In Skye Storm’s video on youtube (here), he explains how although the regional freeway is designed to add additional entrances to the city, it also can create “rivers” (… well maybe if you want to go that route, but to me more like underwater roads).  And thus, you also have the ability to place buildings underwater.  Yes, underwater building!  So the minute I saw this one thing came to mind right away, Bug Blue from the F-Zero series (well GX more specifically).  Hope you enjoy whether or not you’re a fan of F-Zero, I think you can enjoy a city that literally grows out of the water.
    • By Follarch
      Sonic Drive In

      Edit: The LM version of this download is now transit enabled!

      Sonic Drive-In is an American drive-in fast food restaraunt chain based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, complete with carhops who sometimes wear rollerskates. As of Aug 31. 2010, there were 3,500 restaraunts in forty-three U.S. states. Sonic serves about 3 million customers daily.

      Surprise! I know I made no mention of this in my BAT thread, (although I leaked an image of it to the Chat room sometimes ago) but I wanted this one to be a STEX surprise, and for the time it took to make, I'm surprised just how well it came out.

      My 8th BAT. Inside this download is a .SC4MODEL file, two folders that gives you a CS$ growwable version, and a LM ploppable version, along with two screenshots. The Landmark and Growwable have default settings, although the growwable does not require water to function. If you just want to use the Landmark version, delete the "CS$ Growwable" folder. Vice versa if you want just the growwable.

      Just unzip or extract the folder and put it's contents into your plugin folder in the documents/simcity4/plugins directory, preferably all in a folder titled "Sonic" to be neat and tidy.

      Just remove everything Sonic from your plugins folder and delete all instances of it from your city tiles.

      Specs: Ploppable

      Bulldoze Cost: $100
      Flammability: 10
      MaxFireStage: 1
      Mayor Rating Effect: 10 256
      Plop Cost: $110
      Jobs: No
      Power Consumed: 60
      Water Consumed: 0

      Specs: Growwable

      Bulldoze Cost: $193
      Jobs: Yes
      Flammability: 45
      MaxFireStage: 3
      Power Consumed: 7
      Water Consumed: 0

      Dependencies? Of course not!

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