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    • By skallben
      Hello all!
      I found this on the workshop. Basically it's a setup that allows for multiple metro exits from one platform. Or atleast did, I don't know if it still works.
      So is it possible to connect different metro stations via underground passages?
      I tried just putting and moving tunnels with MoveIt in game but could not make it work.

      Why do  I want this?
      * Realism. Say we have two lines on different depths, pedestrians walk UP to street level and to the next station.
      * Practicality, too many pedestrians in the way for cars, trams, buses. Same as IRL.

      So I am not a modder, I just want to put this out there to see if it's remotely plausible. And if so, hopefully inspire someone in this fantastic community.
      Actually, when I Think about it. Paradox should make a DLC on this: The Underground. Passages with shops, malls and different exits, levels etc.
    • By alborzka
      There are a number of metro stations on the workshop, such as this or this, that are incompatible with Metro Overhaul Mod. The "Invalid Shape!" error comes up whenever you try to place it. Therefore, I was hoping to upload an updated version of these (and the several other) metro stations that give this error, so that they're compatible with MOM.
      I've went over the Additional Public Transit thread (well, the parts after MOM was released) but couldn't find much on this. I've used the Asset Editor before, but never to make public transit assets (just residential). The idea is basically to load one of these metro station assets currently left in the dust, and just change the metro tunnels in them (or platforms? Noticed they're wider than tunnels) so that it's no longer an "invalid shape".
      How do I go about doing this, and how can I make sure that it's MOM compatible (without going back and forth between Asset Editor and testing in a save game)?
    • By R3V0
      Now I stopped modding for a while and decided to "play" the game. 
      I forgot how additcing it was. 
      While working on my city, I decided to a bit vertical and build a residential zone on a hill. The main type of transportation is currently trams, going to the local train station and cims are being distributed to the rest of the city. Railwhales are pretty good handling the high amount of cims and their train variants are hauling cims to the main station or nearby stations connected to metro networks. 
      The concept is working but I intend to improve it, thus this idea came up. 
      The main issue with trams is the fact that they do not cover the same zone as metro network. Trams works fine on a street level, but when you want to deliver "transport" to a small district, they fail, even if you create walkways between streets and through apartments to increase the accesibility. 
      Metro does that well. You can transport crapload of people between districts and since it's underground there's no traffic. I like metro because of this. The problem with metro though, just like train stations, you can't build them on slope. Even if you do, they will look weird just like below (ignore the budget, free public transportatin is killing it)
      So that's where this idea came in; funicular. 
      Funiculars are basically sloped trains or metros, consider how you will. While they are not widely popular around the world, they still have use. I live in a country which most of the cities are built around hills and thus we use funiculars a lot. There are 2 cases I'd like to talk about: 
      1. Istanbul, where funicular is still used but somewhat integrated into metro network. 
      2. Lausanne, where funicular line is upgraded into Metro network. So while the system is currently a metro network (with metro cars and all that, it actually operates on old funicular line)
      I know that it's imposible to build slope train stations (smh), but stops can be added on sloped roads if it's bus or a tram station. So 2 possiblity comes to mind: 
      a. Create a new road connection (just like tram only roads) call them funicular line. Since they are roads, stops can be added on sloped terrain. There will 3 issues to settle:
         1. Underground stops
         2. Adding proper stations
         3. Giving them same coverage as metros 
      b. Use existing metro network. This one is better but a bit hairy because of:
        1. Will require MOM mod. So it will not be compatible with existing cities or will require to destroy metro tunnels and rebuild (some issue I had in my playthrough, they clip the terrain when there are too close to the ground level)
        2. Will require underground metro depots for funiculars.
        3. New stations will have to be made, which they wont be long default stations but much shorter so it won't look weird on sloped terrain. (4 or 5 units long perhaps)
        4. I don't usually care how tracks look like so current MOM style would be fine. Cars have to be modeled, obviously. 

    • By Schiller22
      Subway Line U12A (phantom line)
      In 1989, the city committee decided to build a new metro line called U12A, which was to link the new urban area Mitcheese with major transport interchange in the center of the city train station S8, S45, S89, and the station Rehwiese on the line U1, and Tannenallee on the line U12.
      At the beginning of the construction of 6 stations have been identified: Mitcheese, Apfelallee, Hohe Ahren, Rehwiese (interchange U1), Hentzeweg, Tannenallee (interchange U12).
      Construction of the new line began in February 1989 and consisted of two phases of construction: the first were laid construction sites for stations Tannenallee (February 1989), Hentzeweg (March 1989) and Rehwiese (June 1989) and after the end of construction in 1996 were work began on the construction of the station Hohe Ahren (May 1996).
      The plot line U12A from the station Tannenallee to Hohe Ahren was under the ground, and the rest of the line was to go over the surface, as like as city train, and to come to the Mitcheese station via Apfelallee, which was connected to the line S11, S24, S26.
      In 1998 began the first premise that the section of the line will not be ready in time for 2000, as it was planned. The work on this section were first stopped in September 1998, when a piece of equipment was forwarded to build a more promising line of subway U13 (which was later renamed the U3A), and on the line U12A were working in the already constructed tunnels between stations Tannenallee - Hohe Ahren.
      September 1998: Stop the main works on the line U12A.
      November 1998: Begins extension of the platform Mitcheese.
      December 1998 - February 1999: Expanding platform Mitcheese completed, built a platform for the future subway station . Work began on the construction of the flyover for the paths toward Apfelallee.
      March - June 1999: Erected and prepared ground for the plant Apfelallee.
      July 1999: All of the tunnels construction equipment transported to the construction of transmission lines U13 and U14.
      August 1999: construction of a protective cap on the entrance to the tunnel by Apfelallee.
      October 1999: The decision to conserve land line Tannenallee - Hohe Ahren.
      October 1999: Construction of the station Apfelallee completely stopped construction site dismantled.
      December 1999: Construction of paths from Mitcheese - stopped. Reversal dead ends - are over.
      February 2000: A new plan for the construction and modernization of the line U12A.
      March 2000 - September 2002: Work on the sections of the line - not conducted.
      September 2002: The line U12A renamed U38. (the name of the line will be set in 2021)
      November 2002 - March 2004: A complete inspection and repair of the line from Tannenallee - Hohe Ahren.
      April 2004: Began construction of the tunnel between the line U12A and U12, for communication with the subway system.
      August 2004: Began the planning and construction of the new station Neuer Steg which should continue the line U12A to the south of the city.
      December 2005: The construction of tunnels between Tannenallee - Neuer Steg complete. Neuer Steg station built only in designs . Outputs up there . Reversal tunnel behind the station - to be built.
      February 2006: In the section of the line Tannenallee - Hohe Ahren were flown by two trains of 6 cars.
      March 2006: The team diggers enters in the tunnel between Rehwiese - Hentzeweg. Witnesses took lots of photos , and assure that the line is fully built and heavily guarded.
      June 2007 - February 2011: The whole line U12A temporarily closed.
      November 2011: Announced new plans for the reconstruction of the line.
      November 2011 - April 2012: Work on the line - not conducted. Construction of the stantion Neuer Steg is completed.
      April 2012 - November 2012: Work on the construction of the station Mitcheese restored and fully implemented.
      May 2012: Organized by shuttle trains between stations Neuer Steg and Rehwiese, the interchange between the lines U12A and the U12 is not made. Work on the construction of interchange restored and will be completed by the end of 2012.
      October 2012:The movement of trains is fully consistent with the approved plan.
      January 2013: The construction of the station Tulpenweg and Havelstrase are started.
      February - September 2013: Construction of the new station Ahiener Platz is continues.
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