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    • By Lee Towers
      Hey all! I've been following this forum for a while now and all your amazing creations inspired me to start building assets myself. The first building is almost finished - a 3 track train station, as seen below (props for the person to recognise the station it's based on). I still have a few problems with it though, so bear with me:
      1. The game is creating floors inside the building on its own. There's not even a vertex with the same z-coordinate where it's creating an xy plane inside the building. Is this something that's generated on purpose by the game? The floors are assigned the same textures as the roof of the building. They can be seen through the windows and are positioned about halfway behind the windows.
      2. My sims are not using the third platform. I'm using the single station track with a platform on the left side of the track (relative to the direction it was laid). I thought it had to do with the pedestrian connections that I've laid down, but they are using the second platform which is accessed by the same pedestrian connection.
      3. Speaking of pedestrian connections... I'd much prefer a rendered underground tunnel to the half-assed building I have there now but the game isn't letting me (it pushes the whole model upwards). How do I go about doing that? I know Joak uses them in his train stations, how did he do that?
      Any help regarding one of these questions would me much appreciated! Feedback on the model is also welcome by the way... it's my first time using blender and gimp. The textures aren't final either (mainly the roof and supports need work) but I've yet to learn how to use bump maps.

    • By paeng
      Modular Cemetery and Park Walls 205
      Parks 205 AddOn Vol02

      This AddOn brings you two small modular sets - Park Walls and Cemetery, both designed to fit seamless into the Parks205 series. They'll help to transition a typical open park into a more closed and quiet cemetery and back to a free flowing park.

      Each set contains 7 pieces, all of them 1x1, with various configurations of walls, gates, tombstones, sarks and crypts, some of them with typical path configurations to connect them easily to the rest of the Parks205 series.


      Parks 205


      All wall- and cemetery items are neutral, no special effects or benefits. You find them in the Parks menu sorted in near the SIDINGS205, with custom icons.

      Note that the AddOn contains one further item - an optional replacement for the default cemeteries (all 3 stages). The design is the same like one of the Cemetery205 Fillers, but with the functionality of the default cemetary. So once you are advised that "Your Sims demand a cemetery", you can just bulldoze one of the fillers in your cemetery-layout and plop the replacement tile instead. That way you get the default perks but don't need to change your carefully planned layout.

      If you'd rather use the default items (which are kinda large 5x5 lots, and not the prettiest either), you can just remove the cemetery_replacements.dat from the AddOn.


      Should you need support or want to see more images for these items please visit the
      PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

      Online Documentation (no longer available)
      and/or the
      Support Thread (no longer available)

      * A complete and updated catalog of all PARKS 205 items (PDF) is available in the documentation thread.

    • By aldara6166
      The MAPP - the first official download of 2007 - is finally here!!

      Are trips to the local mall, or the local zoo and aquarium the only entertainment that you can provide for your Sims? Have your Sims every wanted for something more to do on a long, summer's weekend than just go to the beach?
      Well now you too can provide the fun and entertainment that your Sims so desperately deserve. Introducing the Modular Amusement Park Pack (MAPP) presented by RJM Designs.
      This set is made up of amusement park rides, roller coasters, midway entertainment and more. Currently there are a few amusement park BATs available on the STEX, but this pack draws everything together.[/size]
      So dive right in and create that "dream park" that you have always dreamt of, or re-create your favorite amusement park from the memories of your childhood.
      The MAPP . . . making your Sims' entertainment dreams a reality!
      * NOTE - The MAPP uses the ped-malls that are included in Network Addon Mod to tie all of our custom BATs together. See How to build an Amusement Park in the readme file for instructions.*
      This is the Essentials pack. It includes several custom props, textures, etc. This pack also includes many buildings that you would normally associate as "core buildings" within any amusement park. Without this pack the other packs will not function properly.

      Please delete any and all prior versions of all MAPP lots (including the construction lot) prior to installation to avoid conflicts.

      Porkie Props Vol.1
      BSC Textures Mega Pack
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