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Prague's Old Town

Few cities in Europe are as magical and enchanting as Prague, especially in the fall. Horse-drawn carriages make their way through narrow streets filled with beautiful historic architecture, and the Old Town's square is filled with the hustle and bustle of the annual fall farmer's market.

This picture required heavy custom content creation. I created an entire texture set for this picture, matching every last detail of Prague's historic old town, in addition to importing plenty of historic Prague buildings into the game. Virtually every building and prop in this picture mirrors the real life version as well - countless pictures were analyzed to ensure the highest level of realism possible in SC4.

Full-size resolution version is posted in the comments below.

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Full size resolution version here:



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Oh dear, i've fell in love visiting Prague in 2014 and i'm doing again with seeing these pictures

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This picture makes me need to sit down, and i'm already sat down. This picture makes me need to lie down

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Really amazing work here, Korver, as always.  Your attention to detail is truly admirable and inspirational too!  From the bazaar to the carriages to the trees in the pavement and the narrow back alleys with cars in them.  Really incredible!  And the colors of the buildings are just amazing!  Thanks for this little trip to Europe!  :thumb:

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    • By korver
      Please view the full size resolution link here before casting your vote! The gallery doesn't tend to do mosaics/panoramas a lot of justice.
      The harbour city in all its glory. You may have seen my Sydney recreation before in my CJ True Earth here, but you've never seen it before like this. I felt like a panorama was the best way to truly capture this amazing city for this final challenge. This panorama showcases the entire center of the city from Hyde Park on the far left to North Sydney on the right, just past the iconic Harbour Bridge. To top things off, I decided to showcase the city in a sunset setting - while Sydney is amazing at all times of the day, I felt like there was just something truly magical about seeing Sydney in the sunset.
      Additional notes:
      This scene features countless buildings imported into the game - real, ingame assets, just like any other BAT you would download and use in the game yourself. The bridge and highway system can are completely modular, a picture illustrating this can be seen here. This scene as a whole also required extensive custom content creation. A majority of the buildings had to be custom lotted in addition to making 40-50 custom made Sydney road textures, complete with authentic bus and bike lanes.
    • By korver
      Recreation of the Moscow International Business Center (aka Moscow City) at night. Despite still being in construction, it's still one of the most impressive skylines in Europe (and in the world) with a one of a kind collection of skyscrapers on the banks of the Moskva River.
      This picture required intensive custom content creation. A massive texture set was created for this scene, by far the largest one that I have created thus far, taking nearly a week of texture work. As the textures for this recreation couldn't possibly fit into the LODs of a single render, I had to divide it up into 8 different sections. This combined with other various buildings, boats, river walls, highway pieces, and other miscellaneous pieces were rendered over the course of a few days. Additionally, since there were many pieces that I could not find anywhere, I tried my hand at BAT as well, creating the highway from scratch as well as the famous Moscow river walls. While there may be some cosmetic touch ups such as some enhanced/added night lights, added ripples, etc in the final image, all the models you see here are in fact in the game. As always, virtually every building and prop in this picture mirrors the real life version as well - countless pictures were analyzed to ensure the highest level of realism possible in SC4.
      Download links for some of the more prominent buildings in this picture:
      (basic 3dsmax and gmax knowledge will be needed to import into the game)
      City of Capitals
      Federation Tower (in construction)
      Naberezhnaya Block 1 and Naberezhnaya Block 2
      Moscow river boats (The black one was simply a copy of the white one in 3dsmax with a black texture applied)
      Highway + Moscow walls: As mentioned, custom BAT made by me specifically for this picture.
      Smaller objects such as the train/helicopter were imported in as well (don't know the link, sorry, but they were heavily modified anyways in 3dsmax before rendering), and the rest can pretty much be found on the STEX or various prop packs.
      Full-size resolution version is posted in the comments below.
    • By MisterBlueStar4
      I found this photo laying in my simcity 4 albums,so i decided to add it to the showcase challenge.
    • By Stanďák
      Copy the files into your Plugins folder. You may use subfolders to organize.
      The building comes as an eye-candy LM lot, 3x6, plop cost is only $ 4096 (the rest will be paid by wealthy donators).

      This catholic church of St. Wenceslas (Václav) was built in a rapidly developing quarter of Prague - Vršovice in 1930, to commemorate thousand years since the martyrdom of the Saint patron of Bohemia. It was designed by one of our greatest modernist architects Josef Gočár. He made it simple, elegant and effectively used the slope for gradating the building's mass and lighting the interior through several skylights.
      The inscription in Czech could be translated as: "Saint Wenceslas, don't let us perish, nor the coming"
      I tried to be accurate, anyway I made some alterations due to Sim City's hostility towards buildings in slope. The stairs and terraces leading to rear entrances are purely my imagination. The colour of the facade is darker than nowadays, it should be more similar to the original one.
      I use the 4/3 scale (plus 4/3 to the height). It looks best with the european w2w environment and I'll be using it for all my future BATs.
      This is my very first BAT, ver. 1.0. I might add Night lighting and some higher-quality lotting later (you can help if you know how to), check Simtropolis.com for updates. I'll be glad for any tips... and of course pictures of your own use of this church!
      P.S.: Thanks to all who inspired me to start BATting, namely JasonCW, Motokloss, Ferox, Mattb325, T Wrecks, the SFBT team and many others! I love your work.
      Standa K.
    • By VeeTHis
      Hello everybody. I released a new custom lot which is pretty much my first custom lot to actually be good enough to release. If you want to check it out and download it it, go ahead. The link will be below. I also included the Sketchup Model so you can modify and make your own Turning Torso buildings!
      Here is the link: The Turning Torso
      If you do decide to download it, I hope you enjoy it!! There is a CO$$$ Version included, but I messed that version up. There is for some reason no jobs in it. So, the landmark version is pretty much the only one that works. And sorry, I don't know how to make growable lots yet, or how to put night lights on buildings. Gmax was actually cooperating with me when I rendered it!
      A snapshot of the building is the attachment. Again, If you do get it, I hope you enjoy!

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