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Abandoned Subway

Alrigght so this is something I decided to do while I was bored.

From the album

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    • By Simmer2
      SM2 Abandoned Train Stop.
      This train stop has been sitting in my hard drive for too long. Time to release it!.
      Best plopped in those seedy parts of town....or industrial areas perhaps.
      Plop cost 3000
      Bulldoze cost 300
      Power req 44
      Capacity 7500
      It still acts as a passenger station plus it will let freight trains go through it.
      No dependencies and as a bonus it is also Maxis vanilla rail compatible.
      Works like a charm!
    • By GTSinc
      I've looked far and wide on here and sc4d and couldn't find any answers.  I tried playing around with the Subway Placement Tuning Parameters to hopefully make the subway essentially ignore slope.  So far I've failed. I have a few cities that have incredibly steep canyons right through the middle of them, and I would like to force the subway to cross it regardless.  I don't care at all as far as realism goes for this.  Just curious on what I should change to make that happen.

    • By fredinno
      This is definitely a mod issue, but I can't seem to figure out exactly where.
      And no, I only have one copy of NAM- Subway is the only thing with this issue.

    • By Nilo7
      GLR/Subway Transit Hub

      LOTting by Nilo7
      MODding by B22rian

      Size: 328 KBs


      This is my second Lot. It is a similar style to my GLR to Subway Transfer Station, obviously the only difference is the second GLR track in the front. I'd like to thank Cogeo, McDrye, and the RTMT Team for creating the props that I used as dependencies in this Lot.


      This is hub, so that is how it functions in SC4. Commuters can transfer between any one of the lines.


      Size: 3x3 tiles
      Plop cost: 200
      Power: 0
      Water: 0
      Monthly Cost: 90
      Pollution: 4 over 6 tiles
      Capacity: 50,000

      -You can find this hub under the rapid transit tab under Transportation, along with the other subway/el rail/GLR stations.


      Sorry, there are 4 dependencies, they're all small though.

      London Underground Station Resized by McDrye
      Semi-Transparent Train Station Models by Cogeo
      Roadtop Mass Transit V3 Installers by the RTMT Team
      JRJ Pedestrian Overpasses 1 by Jeronij

      Note: I have included a DAT file labeled "RTMTV3_PropF_Subway_McDrye_Black". It is created by Cogeo, not me. You will need this DAT file for the two black subway entranace props behind the real subway entrance. This is an optional detail, you can keep it or remove it.

      Note: For the last dependency, you will need to have an account at the BSC Lex to have access to download it. Once you are signed in, you should see a download link.
      The BSC LEX homepage is here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/Default.htm

      If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

      Hope you enjoy!

    • By gzt
      When we place subway stations right now, we are limited to either north south and east west orientation. But I think we should be able to rotate it so that it can also go in north east to south west and north west to southeast orientation. This gives greater flexibility in the way we lay our subway tracks.
      Subway stations should have multiple platforms to accommodate different lines that intersect at the same station. This is how subway stations work in most Asian metropolises and it is more efficient because it will reduce traffic congestion.
      Subway stations, trams stops, and bus stops (and other public mass transportation systems that may be released in the future expansions) should have some kind of integration functions. For example, currently airports have subway stations build into the airport structures. Similarly, we should have subway stations that have tram and bus stops/bust interchanges build into the subway station structures. That way, passengers who just got out of subway station can immediately get onto the tram stops or bus stops. In effect, I realize that this feature is probably not necessary because all one has to do is to lay a tram/bus stops right next to the subway station in order to accomplish the same goal. But I thought having something like this is a nice touch.
      Subway stations, and parks (including gardens, playground, basketball courts) shouldn't need to be placed right next to the road as long as they are accessible by pedestrian walkways.
      I recommend a new park feature where you simply paint the squares much like you would paint residential/commerce/industrial areas. The painted squares would automatically generate nicely manicured grass areas with walkways and road lights. I recommend this because in my experience of building cities, I usually find that there are gaps between strips of residential or commercial areas. I find it too tedious to place trees and pedestrian path in these gaps to beautify the area; but to leave it unfurnished is a shame. Having this feature would make it easier for us.
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