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    4. AutoHotkey as a Modding Tool
    5. How to make a visually pleasing slope

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AutoHotkey as a Modding Tool

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This tutorial is aimed towards any custom content creator who regularly, or semi-regularly has to perform repetitive tasks in the Reader or any other application. Simple text scripts can be used to quickly and easily automate such tasks. Skills learned can also be applied to any program or procedure outside of Sc4 also.

This tutorial is worded simply so those with zero programming experience can complete their first script. This tutotial only covers a few of the basics. There are hundreds of more advanced functions for more experienced users. The AutoHotkey Help file is a great resource for this.

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1 Comment

      Very interesting "How To" , but way beyond my PC smarts . I should have stayed in school , they tried to teach us programming . I was just hard headed . :(  But for those that have better PC skills than I , will probably find this to be a must have reference for their modding needs  . :yes:

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    • By Thin White Duke
      There's some minor chatter on reddit about pursuing a potential OpenSC4 to open up a whole slew of modding possibilities that have thus far been impossible. It's currently mostly a faint dream, but the more people who know about it and are talking about it, the higher the chances of it becoming reality. I personally know the square root of nil about coding, so I'd be about as useful as a mobility scooter in a Formula one race, but I can be on the grand stand to cheer everybody on!
    • By Finnbhennach
      Behold, a curious place, where evil BATs come alive and snack on your brains! 
      (Initial post reserved for project updates or announcements and tutorials when appropriate.)
      Ongoing Projects:
      New York City
           Blocks of Midtown, Manhattan
      I. 1292B (4 x 8 Residential/Office)
      // Pending Completion
          ▫ 575 Madison Ave
          ▫ 34 E 57th St
          ▫ 432 Park Ave
          ▫ 48 E 57th St
          ▫ 50 E 57th St
          ▫ 450 Park Ave
      ?. 1293A (4 x 8 Store/Office)
      // Bergdorf Goodman, Breitling, Burberry, Chanel,
         Dior, Fendi, Hublot, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu,
         Saint Laurent, and more.
          ▫ 737 5th Ave
          ▫ 743 5th Ave
          ▫ 745 5th Ave
          ▫ 14 E 58th St
          ▫ 16 E 58th St
          ▫ 600 Madison Ave
          ▫ 3 E 57th St
          ▫ 5 E 57th St
          ▫ 9 E 57th St
          ▫ 11 E 57th St
          ▫ 15 E 57th St
          ▫ 17 E 57th St
          ▫ 598 Madison Ave
    • By PaulJChris
      Hi ladies and gents.
      I am a reasonably experienced asset maker with around 100 models built for Cities XXL.  Sadly the game is no longer supported , the player base has dwindled and  what is achievable by modding in that game appears to have reached its limits.  I bought Skylines upon release but neglected  to note the system requirements ( 64bit only)  so could not play it for nearly a year  until upgrading to a decent modern PC which I now have.  I suppose I am looking for a new home.   I have several hundred hours experience in 3dsmax and have recently gravitated towards Substance Painter and Substance Designer for texturing as the system is faster and more intuitive for me and enables the creation of all the required maps in one go rather than making them individually in PS which I used to do.    I have some limited programming experience but am not up to speed with C# .  I  am however motivated to learn enough to be productive on the modding side as I can see great potential for Skylines in the years ahead.
      About 6 weeks ago I revisited Skylines and also reviewed what has been achieved by the modding community  since release. Simply  amazing.  Also  the quality of the user made assets appears to be rising continually.  This has inspired me to seriously re- engage with the game.   I have out around 90 hours  play so far and have grown cities to 100K so I have reasonable grasp of the game dynamics but am not an expert.  I got fed up with vanilla after about 30K and started introducing mods, mainly the gameplay ones  such Move It, Road anarchy , Find it, RICO etc .  I am now at the stage where I want to move more towards realism as my instincts are more in the City painter camp hence my interest in making assets.   I have studied most of the tutorials on asset creation and have learned a lot, I have also read through a number of prominent  modders threads on here noting their progression from their first attempts to the amazing stuff more recently created.
      I recognize a few names on  here from Xlnation .   I wonder if I could start by importing some of my CitiesXXL assets into Skylines?.   Anyone  else done this  and can pass on any knowledge/tips before I start  would be appreciated.  Is it worth the effort or is it better to start from scratch?   I obviously already  have all the 3DSmax files and textures , it would seem that the Cities XXL lod 4 can be re -used as it carries the same target spec ( ie less than 100 triangles).  Then a case of choosing which of the 3 other Lods to use for the main model.   Then striping out the bases of the XXL models as not required in C:S  .   Then redoing the nightlighting to comply with the C:S standard.  Will mostly need to be RICO stuff i think, most of my existing  models do not have a multiple of 8M footprint,  some are at the CXL standard of  40m x 40m (5 x 5 in skylines language).   You can review my back catalogue here  http://xlnation.city/resources/authors/pauljchris.19/  to see  if there are any models in there that people would like to see in Cities Skylines and I will attempt some conversion work before I move on to making fresh stuff.  Please bear in mind that some of my earliest work is of  lesser quality, I like to think I improved a bit with practice over time.
      Thanks for reading . I hope to be able to get up to speed  with C:S  and to be in a position to contribute something decent for the community fairly soon.
    • By alborzka
      Door Markers are useful for pedestrians/residents of a building. But for commercial deliveries, and service vehicles, they all seem to use one single entrance of the building. Is there any way to add different entrances of a building, like trucks going to one entrance for deliveries and service vehicles to another? Or adding multiple entrances for trucks and service vehicles, since Door Markers won't work?
      Also, I'm hoping to make some buildings with multi-level functionality, so that it can be placed somewhere with steep slopes (e.g. informal communities (slums) on the hillside). This way, someone 3 stories above can enter the building as well as someone on the ground floor, they can access the same building through different entry points. Or, let's say a building has an office as its main building, and the cafeteria as a sub-building. I want someone from a road 3 stories above the ground floor to be able to enter the main office, and someone from the ground floor to enter the cafeteria (which occupies the ground floor), and both cims can go to both parts of the building without having to exit the building (since that would render the point of multiple entrances useless). Is this possible by setting indoor paths between the sub-buildings?
      tl;dr: How can I add multiple entrances to a building for service vehicles to use? Is it possible to have functional multi-level, multi-purpose buildings with entrances on different levels? Can they be made so cims don't have to leave the building and use another external entrance, they can just stay in that building?
    • By alborzka
      EDIT: Turns out the below issue is caused by RICO and WP Realistic Population mods not playing nicely with each other; whenever local settings are added to any type of commercial and Realistic Pop is disabled for that particular building, that building will always be "not operating" despite having workers. Only way for it to operate is to have Realistic Pop enabled for it, which would render your local settings for it useless. The workaround solution so far seems to be enabling Realistic Pop for that asset, plopping it in-game to find out its generated worker amount, and then going into WG_RealisticCity.xml to add something along these lines:
          <meshName bonus="-311">651651763.Alliance_Data</meshName>
      to add/subtract however much is needed to get it to be the amount of workers you want. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming RICO version @AJ3D?
      OP below: -----------------------
      I tried making a bunch of buildings into mixed-use by loading this underground parking lot asset into Asset Editor, resize it into the building size, save it under a new name, and then load the building into Asset Editor and add this resized parking lot as a sub-building. Saving the building under a new name, I now go into RICO to assign properties to its new sub-building. Results?
      Residential, Industrial, Office, Park, even School = works great, as intended, and "operating normally". Commercial (low, high, tourist, leisure)? Not Operating. Always. They get plenty of workers, and always have a "happy face", but always not operating. I even have the Resilient Owners mod to make sure it's not just a UI bug, but it also says "Clients served: 0" aka the business hasn't made any money or sold any goods, so it really isn't operating and it's not just a UI bug. I have no idea why! The main building functions no matter what it is (commercial or otherwise), but sub-buildings only function properly if they're not commercial.
      The odd thing is, I have the new Imperia Tower building which is mixed use and comes with RICO settings for its sub-building, and its commercial sub-building works great -- Operating Normally and no problems.
      How does this asset have functioning commercial sub-buildings and mine don't? How do I get my commercial sub-buildings to function properly, since all my other sub-buildings are fine?
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