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Other images in Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

Dead of winter.

Brrrr... It's freezing cold on Jaruna Islands. It is recommended to stay at homes! :lost:

More winter pics here.

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    • By NickBauer
      It was time for SimCity, so I was looking for an interesting region. Since I have not found one that excites me, I have created a new one.

      This time:

      Island of Sylt, Northern Germany.

      This island is one of the North Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea. It is characterized by the fact that they can only be reached by boat or train. In Sylt live many celebrities, and the island is a scenic beauty.

      Since the island from north to south is about 38km, I have created a 32x32px region, and the scale adjusted slightly. Have fun with the resettlement of the region, I am pleased with friendly comments.

      Please look to my group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/447720148583197/
      Es wurde wieder Zeit für SimCity, also suchte ich nach einer interessanten Region. Da ich keine gefunden habe, die mich begeistert, habe ich also eine neue erstellt.

      Dieses Mal:

      Insel Sylt, Nord-Deutschland.

      Diese Insel gehört zu den nordfriesischen Inseln im Wattenmeer. Sie zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass sie nur per Schiff oder Eisenbahn zu erreichen ist. Auf Sylt leben viele Prominente, und die Insel ist eine landschaftliche Schönheit.

      Da die Insel von nord nach süd etwa 38km beträgt, habe ich eine 32x32px Region erstellt, und den Maßstab etwas angepasst. Viel Spass bei der Neubesiedlung der Region, ich freue mich über freundliche Kommentare.

      Bitte beachte auch meine Gruppe auf facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/447720148583197/
    • By Trylk255
      Hello people! My name is Seb and today I am sharing with you a Region I just began to create. The name is a little bit odd... It might change as the region isn't complete yet. So the idea of the map I am building is to make it a large island with many medium/large sized islands on the other sides. Also, the coasts are very high and the most flat part is at the top of those cliffes. So now, let take a look at the work wich has been done yet.
       Feel free to message me here.
      Or even on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/trylk248seb/
      Now let see the work!
      Whoops! Images are unavailable... I currently am working to get 'em back!
    • By Stellaris88
      Are there any games where you can be an totalitarian dictator? And Controlling everything and everyone?  Yes i know Tropico is such an game, but you are only an dictator of a small Island, not really a powerful ruler. Are there any games besides the tropico series where you can be an cruel dictator? Any games where you can rule over more than just a tiny Island as a dictator?
    • By korver
      Before you cast your vote, please view the first comment to see it in full resolution!
      Photoshop enhancements:
      Crashing waves, custom water texture, custom beach texture, fog/mist, boat reflections, boat ripples, and the usual stuff that I include in nearly all of my pictures (which includes finding a suitable filter, faded black borders, slight tilt shift, editing some of the color values to make them "pop", and then varying levels of saturation, glow, and sharpening)
      From my "South Pacific" entry in my CJ, True Earth:
      "...After getting off our cruise ship, we make our way across Easter Island to Anakena Beach. Anakena is one of two beaches that Easter Island has to offer - the rest of the island is quite rocky and barren, making it a popular tourist destination. We're surrounded by wild horses, endless palm trees, and the sound of crashing waves once we get to the beach, and Moai statues face inwards towards the island to greet us once we get there. The Rapa Nui people purposely placed the Moai facing inland while they were being constructed some 600-800 years ago - to show that they were protecting and honoring the people of Easter Island. The mysterious Moai statues offer more questions than answers: how were they built, how were they set up, and how did the Rapa Nui people move the statues across the island? No one really knows for certain, so we just sit back and admire their greatness. After checking out the Moai, we spend the rest of our day lounging around in our inner tubes, taking in the natural beauty of the island - it's truly a one of a kind destination."
    • By ST Challenges

      Winter Wonderland - 
      Show scenes with a winter theme - 
      Season 3 - Challenge #21 - Monthly (31 days) - 
      Results Announced Here!
      Thanks to @Mymyjp for the challenge idea.
      The ground is frozen by ice and snow,
      Falling from above, it's quite the photo.
      The sun a subtle golden glow,
      Shining o'er the mistletoe.

      For the winter warmth is here,
      People celebrate with festive cheer.
      The smell, sound and sight,
      Of the eternal winter light.

      Yes, this challenge involves creating scenes to celebrate this special time of year (at least as current in the Northern Hemisphere). You may enter up to 3 images including anything that is associated with winter as a season. From snow to Santa, it's completely up to you. What brings the sense of atmosphere and warmth to these cold winter months? Also, the scene doesn't necessarily have to be a rural landscape -- of course, it can snow on the roads and cities as well. You could really apply this theme to any desired location -- be creative!
      As usual, although not part of the requirements, image editing or use of custom content may be used for enhancement.

      In SimCity 4, one possibility is to enable a basic winter effect using the "Snow" command in the Extra Cheats DLL. Or as explained here, you can just wait until Dec 25, and the game will do this automatically for the entire day.
      See the Possible Ideas section below for a few examples.
      This is a  Monthly  challenge running for 31 days.
      Submission Requirements
      The submitted image(s) must incorporate the theme of winter in some form.
        You may use any city-building game -- including SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, SimCity (2013), and CitiesXL / XXL.
         You may submit a maximum of 3 images into the challenge album.  
      a. All your entered images will be eligible for voting, however only your highest rated image will be used in the final ranking.
      So basically there are 3 opportunities to gain a place in the results, with no downside to submitting more than one.

      b. In the event of images having an identical rating and votes, the earlier submitted image will be selected.

      For each submission, you may link a larger version in the description, or post inside the comments section. Please see this post for clarification.
      For the purpose of voting, please check a full title & description are included on your image(s).
        Your image(s) must be created solely by yourself, without any assistance from anyone else.
        To qualify for entry, please ensure your image(s) are uploaded to the submissions category, and comply with these requirements.  
      Possible Ideas
      Here are a few ideas to get you started, just giving examples of ways to go about this challenge:
      Note: The following is not a complete list, or a requirement:
      Snow falling Snow anywhere! Christmas theme (e.g. trees) Festive lighting/decorations An atmospheric street An industrial area in wintry conditions People playing in the snow Sledding Frozen lake/river Ski resort A winter storm Whiteout/blizzard North/South pole Reindeer Santa Claus  
      Leaderboard Rankings  
      A new leaderboard system is currently running for this season. This has been designed to incorporate all challenges, linking with each set of results.
      Each place in a challenge has points on offer -- the higher you finish, the more points you gain. Then at the end of the season, prizes will be given out to the top 10 in the final standings, with the winner being crowned the Grand Champion! 
      This  Monthly  challenge is eligible for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards.
      Full details and the current standings can be viewed in the following topic:
      The winners will be the top 3 ranked images. Reputation prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries, and the overall average rating. See this topic for more info.
      For this  Monthly  challenge, rep prizes will be given for the top 5 placed entries, along with points for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards.

      Good luck to all competitors!
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