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University of Frankfurt

Old University of Frankfurt

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    • By Moses Zal
      Education Effectiveness over Average Household Age 20 Years 0.0
      30 Years 0.5
      40 Years 5.0
      50 Years 2.5
      60 Years 0.0
      70 Years 0.0
      80 Years 0.0 This is taken from http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com. It is the mentioned stat from Maxis Large High School. If I want to understand exactly how this works? Does it mean that all the area within the coverage circle, the mentioned average ages will enjoy an education effectiveness as indicated in the table? Or does it mean that only the students that are registered in this school will enjoy these stats? Please I want accurate answers.
      Also, a question that is not so important, why the hell did maxis make high schools increase EQ of the ages that are actually in real life had graduated from university? xD
    • By SimGoober
      This is a modern, urban design for a city college. It will service a large number of sims, as they enter the adult world, and help any mayor make a thriving, prosperous city.
      Lot details and information
      Lot size: 6 x 4 tiles Menu position: Civic, education Custom features: Menu icon, query Reward requirements: City population > 60,000 AND R$$ population > 20,000 Jobs: 220 civic Plop cost: $9,350 Bulldoze cost: $1,250 Transit enabled lot: no Power consumption: 48 MWh/month Water consumption: 90 gallons/month Air pollution: 3 over 3 tiles Water pollution: 2 over 4 tiles Garbage pollution: 20 tons per month Monthly cost: $1,250 Capacity: 12,000 School EQ boost: 24 (same as Maxis college) School coverage radius: 5,800 (same as Maxis college) Dependencies
      BSC Textures vol 01 BSC Essentials BSC MEGA Props Misc vol 02 BSC Textures vol 03 BSC MEGA Props SG vol 01  
      Mod edit 18th February 2017 - fixed formatting, updated dependencies
    • By Morhavoc
      A Modern, Upscale Library for your wealthier sims. Sims will love to live next to this prestigous library. This is one of my first 'modern buildings' i tend to usually make more aged buildings as conversions, but i think this one has turned out well. It is a normal library just jazzed up a bit, it costs $5000, $400 month/maint and is a 3x3 lot. This will look great in those rich downtown areas, or as a centre piece in a small town.
      European Props 3
    • By jtportland
      Modeled from the new Seattle Central Library located in Seattle, Washington. The new modern/futuristic library was designed by Rem Koolhaas/OMA. Opened on May 23, 2004.
      The Central Library houses 400 public computers and about 440,000 books. And can be found in your education menu and in your rewards menu. On a 4x4 lot.

      Please rate on the amout of detail and quality of this building, and not if you don't like modern/futuristic architecture, thanks!
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