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best picture comp

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Entered the Hall of Fame from the Best Picture Competition. December 5th, 2016.

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© 2016 _Michael

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    • By OcramsRzr
      Abstract: Cities grow richer and suburbs grow poorer and this will speed up.
      From 1948 until recently, the middle class and upper middle class fled the cities for the suburbs. However, commute times and lack of services have made suburbs less desirable while job opportunities have made cities more desirable. Baby Boomers and Generation X hold the majority of suburban houses. Because of the widespread availability of mortgages (not mentioned in article), property values keep going up, in what experts believe to be a bubble. Real wages for the 50th percentile have slightly declined and have only slightly increased for the 90th percentile (the 99% really do own most everything). Until Automation takes away urban jobs, the natural progression is for cities to hold all the wealth. Urban renewal uplifts some of the poor but often combines with gentrification, with the poor being pushed out to the suburbs. If subsidized housing was moved to the suburbs, productivity would increase vs keeping low-income housing in cities. When Baby Boomers downsize or otherwise leave their suburban houses en masse, property values will plummet as Millennials prefer city living. This plummeting housing price will be an opportunity for new employment centers, new low-income housing projects, or return of farms once paved over for subdivisions. Eventually, nearly all of the population will live in cities, with everyone outside of cities being there by necessity.
      As an interesting aside, suburbio is Spanish for slum and suburb because Spain and Latin America didn't invest into highways and suburban infrastructure at all like the USA.
      However, the majority of the US population lives in suburban areas (102 to 2,213 households per square mile):
      What this means is that some suburbs (those with jobs) can densify into edge cities or join the main city. However, low density bedroom communities will be hit the hardest. If cities are built (or rebuilt/renewed) walkable, safe and child/family-friendly, this will decrease the desire to move to suburbs for raising kids. Vancouver, BC is a special case because many people moved there from Hong Kong and other territories when they were handed to China by Brittain. Vancouver made their city walkable and family-friendly in response to the influx of immigrant families seeking to remain in the commonwealth instead of join red China. Another factor driving prices up (in comopolitan cities around the developed world) is investment into properties by Chinese citizens seeking to protect their wealth from the coming Chinese recession (or avoiding the government taking their property in China away).
      tl;dr : Suburbs that don't become or join cities are screwed
    • By Guerro1996
      Look at this beatiful avenue crossing, love how beautiful the trees look in the area!!, everytime I try to do avenues the greenest possible.
    • By korver
       1st place  entry from Night Scenes (S3-12-E)
      151  Rep
      35  Bonus Points
      95  TOTAL Points
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      [Larger Resolution] 1.1 MB
      Night time shot of Sydney and it's world famous harbour - made as close as possible to the real thing.
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