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    4. Grape Forest Street

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Grape Forest Street

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Mini track and forest on the left and neighborhood on the right.

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    • By tankmank
      Today i am uploading a Pedestrianised street. The lot is transit enabled . It is 1x6 tiles in size, and you can put two of them together to create a 1x12 long pedestrianised street. 
      The trees are all seasonal and should fit into a variety of different building styles. 
      You can find the lot in the parks menu nearer the top. It functions as a maxis grass area with all the same stats. 
      I tried to use as few dependencies as possible, but there are a few. 
       List of dependicies
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01
      SHK Parking Pack
      PEG MTP Super Pack 
      Murimk Props Vol 2
      I  have tested it numerous times, but if there are any issues please do PM me, or write in my new Lot editing topic Tankmanks Lots.
      And i just hope that you will enjoy it. 
    • By nos.17
      This set of lots is inspired by kazuki's original lots, which have since disappeared from his site. Many features were taken from the original set and merged with other newer prop packs, most notably NBVC's bazaar props.

      13 lots included. All share the same stats
      Plop Cost:              §1,000
      Bulldoze Cost:      §20
      Monthly Cost:      §0
      Landmark effect: 40 over 10
      Park effect:            5 over 10
      No utility consumption
      No pollution emitted

      Simply place in your plugins folder. Each lot is individual so you can delete any you don't want.
      Neither the lots included in NBVC's Bazaar are required, nor are the cascading dependencies required. If you do not wish to use his set, simply delete the *.SC4lot files included. Keep the *.sc4desc and *.sc4model files, please.
      Lot orientation is aided with the optional Simpeg Plop Orientation Tools.
      The lots will appear towards the bottom of the parks menu.

      BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01
      BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01
      BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02
      NBVC Bazaar (props only)
      BSC Textures Vol 01
      Gascooker Stalls_Diag.dat, Gascooker Stalls_Ortho.dat, NBVC Market Stalls.dat  - included (custom prop families)
      Optional (to aid placement):
      SPOT (Simpeg Plop Orientation Tool)

    • By J_botz
      Does anyone know if it's possible to make longer train stations tracks in asset editor? I've read in a couple threads that people have done it with "Move It" mod and "Advanced Building Editor". (@sokayha @Lee Towers @Tim The Terrible)
      So far I've loaded a station template, dragged the tracks a few meters on either end and added spawn points but the "draw line" tool in game cannot find a path...
    • By fredinno
      Is there any mod that might effect the streetx RAM crossings like this? It's annoying when you want to cross a street with rail...
      I'm just  asking this in case anyone knows before I start removing mods to find out which the problem is.

    • By 11241036
      The forest during winter is more awesome than one would think. The last leaves have fallen, thin fog covers everything and the first snow begins to fall.
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