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Raynev1 Re-Lot BSC Ikea Superstore

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Tinkering around with Lot Editor . For a submission to the Classic Model , New Lot Challenge . The Ikea Superstore from Gascooker on the LEX has been a favorite of mine for a long time now . It was one of the first pieces of custom content I had acquired . And then I was addicted . I never looked at Simcity 4 the same again . Always , I mean always . I'm learning something new . I feel it turned out pretty good , so I uploaded it . I haven't seen it on the STEX yet , but looking forward to see it there . All credit goes to Simtropolis and the BSC team at SC4D , for without their custom content and vast amounts of information this upload would not had been possible . Thank you all . Below are images of how I intended to use the lot with SAM and some fillers .

Ikea Superstore Relot 005.jpg

Ikea Superstore Relot 001.jpg

Ikea Superstore ReLot 002.jpg

Ikea Superstore ReLot 003.jpg

Ikea Superstore Relot 004.jpg

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@MeMyself&I  Sorry , I added no more parking . That is SAM , Peg Parking Street as I had intended to use it in game . It does blend seamless , only on flat ground though . I kept the lot the same size (5x5) as the original to keep crime at bay . Thanks anyway for checking out the image and dropping a comment . 

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Interesting.  I was going from memory of the first time I saw this lot and I realized that it just seems so much bigger with all the detail around it in game as opposed to just sitting by itself.  You did a nice job with it and I think it looks terrific blended in like it is.  Definitely spruces up a commercial/residential area.  I can see why it's a favorite of yours.  I'm still trying to figure out the whole lotting thing myself and this is inspiring.  Out of curiosity, how much of a difference is there with crime if you do actually make the lot bigger?

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