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Other images in Ancient Civilizations (S3-14-M)

On a Foggy Morning

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This is a camp of a native American tribe (most likely northeast North America, for instance Algonquian or Sioux) at an early fall morning, somewhere in the mountains, at the riverside, long before the arrival of the first European colonists, protected by fog and the campfire in the center.

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      Special Thanks:
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      I have re-named the file in order to better describe it intended use.  My CJ focuses on the late 19th century, and includes a number of American Indian tribes, which is the common term in America.  That is how I used this MMP - you are free to use it however you wish.  I didn't intend to alert the PC police, so if I offended you, please accept my apology.  However, if my apology is not enough then by all means please downrate this file to make your voice heard. 
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