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    • By Bloggo
      Hi this is Ghosty20 I am having to write this post on a new account via Google, as it seems that trying to sign in via Facebook is completely broken keeps telling me something went wrong and not sure why..
      Thank you for all for the help I am now able to log in via FB now which is very cool thank you..
    • By Diego Del Llano
      1250 René-Lévesque, also known as the IBM-Marathon Tower, is a 226 m (741 ft), 47-story skyscraper in Montreal,Quebec, Canada. The building was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates for IBM Canada and Marathon Realty, hence the former name "IBM-Marathon". It is now named for its address at 1250 René Lévesque Boulevard West, in the Ville-Marie borough of Downtown Montreal. It is adjacent to the Bell Centre and Windsor Station to the south, and stands on the site of the former American Presbyterian Church. It is connected to the Bonaventure metro station and the underground city network.
      1250 is currently  owned and managed  by global real estate investor, developer and owner Oxford Properties and is still partially occupied by IBM.
      This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 5,500 CO$$$ Jobs
      To install this Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins
      So now we get to censure ourselves? So what happens when a whole ton of Democrat folks flag an article for fake news because it was from a Republican source or vice versa? Or Tories supporters flag an article from Labour sources? Or SJW vs Alt-Right? And will Facebook be truly neutral in in "fake news" flagging reports or will it bias itself to SJW/liberal tendencies?
      Part of freedom of speech is sifting through the bull without censuring everyone whom you think is being disingenuous or just plain wrong. That's how people learn to think, and argue, and reason!
    • By bobnewbie420
      Hey all. Been a lurker and a user of this site for quite some time now. I wanted to forward a link to a cool up and rising SIM CITY fan group in facebook. We do things like compare cities, give advice and sometimes, have friendly themed competitions (build the best mountain town is our current one). 
      We would LOVE more people to join the discussion, contribute some ideas and help grow the community so as to branch out to others like "us" that consider sim city a pretty damn fun and awesome hobby.
      Hope to see you all on there! 
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      I've been playing a lot of Megapolis this year...
      It's fun.  It isn't as good as Simcity, but it has it's moments.  Every week there are little quests that have to be completed and then you get a prize.   A lot of it is far-fetched and unrealistic, but, there is enough there to keep me going.  The ONLY downfall to the game is that it's a "pay to play".  If you are skilled at it, you can go pretty far without having to pay anything.  I've been playing 8 months and have only paid 15 bucks...
      ANYWAY, the reason why I bring it up here, is because I have been really impressed by some of their buildings.  I am consistantly finding myself saying "Boy, I wish I had that one for SC4".  All the time....  If you look through this guide of the Russian version, you will know what I mean.
      What are the odds of anyone trying bring some of these designs to the STEX?  Any thoughts on what I've suggested?
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