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Other images in Pclark06 pic dump

Billboard 2

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    • By RRetail
      These relot files (which is a combination of the commercial relots I've made so far in one download) have been updated and packed together for your convenience into a zipped folder. The previous files have been removed because of this.
      Note that each link below is a dependency if you want my relotted version of it. However, if you only want one of my relots (e.g. Kmart) then you can delete the other files. However, for an odd reason that I don't know how to work around you will need to keep the 4x3 lot version of Tractor Supply for my version to work.
      To plop the Tractor Supply relot, Blaine's Farm & Fleet and Mills Fleet Farm stores you will need to use the lotplop cheat.
      3x3 lots:
      3x4 lots:
      4x5 lots:
      5x5 lots:
      5x6 lots:
      7x5 lots:
      11x14 lots:
      Other Dependencies:
      BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 BSC MegaProps Kevdan25 Vol. 1 LBT Mega Prop Pack Vol. 1 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures SHK Parking Pack BSC MegaProps JES Vol. 1 BSC MegaProps JES Vol. 2 BSC MegaProps JES Vol. 3 BSC MegaProps JES Vol. 8 Mushy's Trailers  (Walmart 90 degrees) (Blank White 90 degrees) If you would like the Walmart sign, then you will also need to download Baco's Walmart to access it. All you need is the dignwalmart and walmartsign files.
    • By Ceafus 88
      Hello guys!

      I am here with a new automata project to share with you!

      It is a Coca-Cola International Delivery Truck. This truck is an additional UDI and Spawn.
      Since it has a trailer, and is a semi, the UDI part is very tricky. When you click the vehicle to drive it, you [b]MUST CLICK SNAP ON ROADS (SHIFT KEY) [/b]in order for the trailer to appear correctly, failing to do so will result in the trailer appearing not attached to the truck.
      I have included a HD props of the cab and trailer for your own personal use in LE.

      In order for this truck to appear correctly, please play on Hardware.

      I hope you enjoy this little treat to help keep your sims hydrated during the summer!

      [b][color=#ff0000]WARNING: [/color][/b][size=4]If you downloaded this before 6/1/12 4:54 PM CDT. Some IID's had to be changed to prevent conflict with Simfanitiks Truck Pack Vol. 4. I have solved this issue, so this version should work! All thanks to Simfanatik for pointing this out to me so I could fix it, thanks![/size]
      [size=4]Thank You for your support and downloads![/size]

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