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Other images in Testing Out European and American Styles

Street Corner New Angle

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This is another picture of the street corner

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    • By skallben
      To the North to be specific. We have mass transit and culture. We have old buildings, and we have alot of rails.
      This city journal will focus on function, infrastructure, public spaces and mass transit. Not the DLC, but real functional mass transit, Scandinavian/Northern european style. I will guide you through the larger urban area after the jet lag has let off. Welcome.

      A bit before landing, in the background you see Morstad, where we will spend most of our first tours.

      Older part of the urban area, Gamla Stan (Old Town).

      Can you spot the rail station? Hint: Walk down the road.
    • By paeng
      Modular Cemetery and Park Walls 205
      Parks 205 AddOn Vol02

      This AddOn brings you two small modular sets - Park Walls and Cemetery, both designed to fit seamless into the Parks205 series. They'll help to transition a typical open park into a more closed and quiet cemetery and back to a free flowing park.

      Each set contains 7 pieces, all of them 1x1, with various configurations of walls, gates, tombstones, sarks and crypts, some of them with typical path configurations to connect them easily to the rest of the Parks205 series.


      Parks 205


      All wall- and cemetery items are neutral, no special effects or benefits. You find them in the Parks menu sorted in near the SIDINGS205, with custom icons.

      Note that the AddOn contains one further item - an optional replacement for the default cemeteries (all 3 stages). The design is the same like one of the Cemetery205 Fillers, but with the functionality of the default cemetary. So once you are advised that "Your Sims demand a cemetery", you can just bulldoze one of the fillers in your cemetery-layout and plop the replacement tile instead. That way you get the default perks but don't need to change your carefully planned layout.

      If you'd rather use the default items (which are kinda large 5x5 lots, and not the prettiest either), you can just remove the cemetery_replacements.dat from the AddOn.


      Should you need support or want to see more images for these items please visit the
      PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

      Online Documentation (no longer available)
      and/or the
      Support Thread (no longer available)

      * A complete and updated catalog of all PARKS 205 items (PDF) is available in the documentation thread.

    • By buzzit
      Hi all!
      its been more than a year since i released something!
      and i finally completed the German set i promised ages ago!
      These new pylons have tons of little changes including a more realistic height and alot of new details.
      but thats not all The sets are bigger now including even more pylons like
      -Anchor pylons
      -Switch pylons
      -Rivercrossing pylons.

      The pylons are in real life arround 30 meters(or slightly higher)
      and in simmeter its arround 60(because sims are 4 meters long)

      So they dont fit that well with my older models

      For more info check out the readme wich you can find VVV and in the rar file.
      have fun!

      This set will eventually get an expansion pack including diagonal switch, anchor and river crossing pylons. but also more substation models and another pylon model.

      ---German themed high voltage pylons---
      Models and lot files are created by Buzzit.
      This package contains the following files:
      1x Straight pylon(model+lot)
      1x diagonal pylon(model+lot)
      1x Corner pylon left(model+lot)
      1x Corner pylon right(model+lot)
      1x Corner Pylon 90 degree(model+lot)
      1x Substation pylon(model+lot)
      1x Anchor pylon(model+lot)
      1x Switch pylon((model+lot)
      1x Rivercrossing pylon(model+lot)
      No dependencies required!

      Whats new?
      - pylons are twice the size of the other sets.
      This time i used a character to help me modeling. After i knew that sims are accually 4 meters instead of 2 i remodeld
      my standards to fit this. Thats why my pylons look so big compared to some maxis buildings. allthough they fit quite nicely
      with newer/custom buildings.
      -More details:
      This one speaks for it self. The pylons now have more details.
      - Darker textures on the pylon it self with little dirt and rust spots.
      -More pylon types including anchor switch and river crossing pylons.

      Known issues
      - The pylons catch fire sometimes. i dont know why these pylons do that. as my other sets arent having this glitch.
      to fix this just send your firefighters to controle the flames hehe
      if they catch fire alot. come back here and tell me i will seriously look into it furter more.(but as far as i know they dont catch fire that much)

      - You cant place trees arround and under the pylons. if you do want to have vegitation. first demolish the pylon and
      after that add the vegitiation you like(but this glitch is accually realistic lol.)

      This set contains 9 220kV double circuit one-level pylons wich are based on RL models.
      the corner, straight and special pylons are all power-eye-candy.
      But the substation pylons act like actual powerplants(wich generate about 2000MW) wich means
      you don't need to plop a new powerplant or use a power cheat
      everytime you create a new map.
      The pylons aren't slope friendly and should only be used on flat ground.
      Feel free to use the pylons for your own powerlots under the condition
      that you give me credit for the pylons themselves.
      If you have any issues place the issue on the forums of SC4D or Simtropolis and i will try to solve them ASAP

      Have fun!

      Next set: French 20kV medium voltage pylons HD 2.0(Overhauled)
      Mod edit 15th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By aldara6166
      The MAPP - the first official download of 2007 - is finally here!!

      Are trips to the local mall, or the local zoo and aquarium the only entertainment that you can provide for your Sims? Have your Sims every wanted for something more to do on a long, summer's weekend than just go to the beach?
      Well now you too can provide the fun and entertainment that your Sims so desperately deserve. Introducing the Modular Amusement Park Pack (MAPP) presented by RJM Designs.
      This set is made up of amusement park rides, roller coasters, midway entertainment and more. Currently there are a few amusement park BATs available on the STEX, but this pack draws everything together.[/size]
      So dive right in and create that "dream park" that you have always dreamt of, or re-create your favorite amusement park from the memories of your childhood.
      The MAPP . . . making your Sims' entertainment dreams a reality!
      * NOTE - The MAPP uses the ped-malls that are included in Network Addon Mod to tie all of our custom BATs together. See How to build an Amusement Park in the readme file for instructions.*
      This is the Essentials pack. It includes several custom props, textures, etc. This pack also includes many buildings that you would normally associate as "core buildings" within any amusement park. Without this pack the other packs will not function properly.

      Please delete any and all prior versions of all MAPP lots (including the construction lot) prior to installation to avoid conflicts.

      Porkie Props Vol.1
      BSC Textures Mega Pack
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