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Night Lights

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A narrow street corner but now, at night.

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    • By Bipin
      Urban Police Precinct
      ~ By ~


           Perfect for any city in the midst of decay!
      Included in this download are two lots big and small; the top right and left.
      respectively. Both precincts, regardless of size, have the ability to dispatch
      five squad cars. Furthermore, they have a prisoner capacity of 70 inmates.
      This is slightly higher than the value of the game's "vanilla" stations, for
      this is simply a larger building. In addition to this download, two dependencies
      are requried: 
       This is my first actual building besides The Camberton. So please, do enjoy, even if it isn't the
      best building around. Merely a fun little project of mine to fill a tiny gap.
    • By nos.17
      In the words of b62: " Sears Grand is a one-stop home and family solution center that delivers a mix of quality products such as Sears' proprietary and national brands that no other store provides.  Everything busy people need to maintain their family on-the-go can conveniently be found here under one roof.  Bigger than Wal-Mart Supercenters, Sears Grand help customers navigate through their spacious 165,000 to 210,000 square foot stores easily.  Sears Grand is a one-level store that carries everything from milk to refrigerators, bathing suits to sun block and car seats to baby food - they also are the only store to carry their Craftsman, and Kenmore products.  Shoppers will also find an array of convenient services at Sears Grand including:  auto center, custom paint mixing, window blind cutting and key cutting."
      This BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot. He graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall.
      For comments/feedback/critique/praise visit my lot thread or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the website for full sized images.
      NOTE: Enclosed you will find three folders: one for the Shell Gas Mart (a dependency), and a Diggis and Non-Diggis Version. Please delete whichever version you do not want to avoid duplicates and conflicts.
      -----------------------------                                            -------------------------------
      ----- Diggis Version -----                                            --- Non-Diggis Version ---
      -----------------------------                                            -------------------------------
      Main Lot:                                                                         Main Lot:
      16x13 LM with 3,740 CS$, 937 CS$$ jobs        14x13 LM with 3,740 CS$, 937 CS$$ jobs
        Plop Cost: $50,000                                                      Plop Cost: $50,000
        Bulldoze Cost: $5,000                                                 Bulldoze Cost: $5,000    
        Water Consumed: 150                                                  Water Consumed: 150
        Power Consumed: 75                                                    Power Consumed: 75
        Flamability: 50                                                                Flamability: 75
      Parking Lot:                                                                    Parking Lot:
      19x9 LM with 153 CS$, 41 CS$$ jobs                   16x9 LM with 153 CS$, 41 CS$$ jobs
        Plop Cost: $50,000                                                         Plop Cost: $50,000
        Bulldoze Cost: $5,000                                                    Bulldoze Cost: $5,000
        Water Consumed: 40                                                       Water Consumed: 40
        Power Consumed: 14                                                       Power Consumed: 14
        Flamability: 50                                                                   Flamability: 50
      Side Pond Lot:                                                                  (no third lot)
      3x13 LM with 4 CS$ jobs
        Plop Cost: $15,000
        Bulldoze Cost: $5,000
        Water Consumed: 20
        Power Consumed: 10
        Flamability: 50
        Water Treated: 650 cu/mo
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol01
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02
      BSC Mega Props - SG Vol01 
      LBT Mega Prop Pack v.01
      SHK Parking Pack
      nos.17 Essentials (v10+)
      BLaM_MX_Zaxby's (model only)
        PROP_Zaxby's.sc4desc  (included)
      B62-Shell Multi-Island Gas Mart (included)
      SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures
      KOSC SuperSHK+ MEGA FA3 Texture
      MM NA 53ft Trailers Vol 1
      girafe Berries
      girafe Honey Locust
      girafe Lupins
      girafe Maples v2
      girafe Rowan Trees

      Diggis Version Only:
      BSC Mega Props - KevDan25 Vol01 
      BSC Prop Pack - Diggis Ponds 2

      And above all... have fun!
    • By skallben
      To the North to be specific. We have mass transit and culture. We have old buildings, and we have alot of rails.
      This city journal will focus on function, infrastructure, public spaces and mass transit. Not the DLC, but real functional mass transit, Scandinavian/Northern european style. I will guide you through the larger urban area after the jet lag has let off. Welcome.

      A bit before landing, in the background you see Morstad, where we will spend most of our first tours.

      Older part of the urban area, Gamla Stan (Old Town).

      Can you spot the rail station? Hint: Walk down the road.
    • By MisterBlueStar4
      The city in progress

    • By RandyE
      This is my third park lot using the vanilla props from SC4.  This park is part of an urban beautification and vitalization project for the inner-city.  
      Named after the Parthenon in Athens, an architectural and cultural artifact representing the foundations of modern civilization, and attributed to Athena, the personification of calmness, wisdom, ethical, and civil society.  The park design utilizes the dimensions said to be essential to the Parthenon following the golden rectangle ratio, calculated in SC4 city tiles as 8 (width) by 5 (depth).  The Parthenon building landmark was released as an update to SC4.
      The park is well-lighted with a variety of animations and park-related props including the Zen Rock Garden, Greenhouses, Koi Fish Pond, a Pool, Fountains, Swing Sets, Slides, Refreshment Stand, Gazebo, Billboards, Basketball Courts, and a small Skateboard arena.
      This lot is animation and graphics-intensive, found under the parks menu, but intended as a main feature or central city park, and so should only be plopped once in any city you are building.
      Medium Wealth
      Cost: 950
      Monthly Income: 150
      Air Pollution: -30, 10
      Water Pollution, -10, 10
      Park Effect: 100, 40
      Landmark Effect: 80, 20
      Maxis Night Lighting
      No Dependencies
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