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Other images in City Of Palu

Moon Rising

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The entrance to University way from the coastal drive, the roads turn into tree lined two way streets. The moon looks amazing

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    • By Jolteon
      Still collecting all your information and certainly not selling any of it to the highest bidder.
    • By BugeyedDragon
      one of the only four teaser shots i'll upload of Telegraph Principayor, this is of the second district Telegraph-Burleigh which is a suburban sector.
    • By korver
       1st place  entry from Night Scenes (S3-12-E)
      151  Rep
      35  Bonus Points
      95  TOTAL Points
      Challenge Results Data  |  Leaderboard Rankings
      [Larger Resolution] 1.1 MB
      Night time shot of Sydney and it's world famous harbour - made as close as possible to the real thing.
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      This modd alters the look of both Day (slightly) and Night (in far more drastic fashion)view of the game.

      Days gain richer more natural looking shadows, greater overall contrast and better interaction of terrain and various models (in terms of shading).

      Nights are now much darker and less blue/purple. Yet unlike in some other similar modds they aren't completely black-hole, pitch black. The city, vegetation and terrain are all still visible in the night, albeit just so.

      Installation is very simple just unzip the content of the archive into your Pluging folder and start the game.

      Special Note on truNite buildings.

      This modd is tailor made to work with DarKNite TruNite buildings. Normal truNite ones will look overly bright and blue. So look for special DarkNite releases!

      Have FUN! Questions and suggestions for a time being may be addressed to BAT4Max thread
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Voting Now Open!
      Night Life  (Weekly Challenge #23)
      When the sun goes down, sims come out and play.

      To vote, view the album below and rate the images as you'd like:

      Voting will close on Friday 16th October.
      Voting Rules
      Votes will be cast by rating images inside the album. You may rate any images you wish at any rating value. All votes are anonymous. Try to rate as many as you can as this will help the results ordering. The winner will be the image which ends up first in the album after a 5 day period.
      The final rank will be determined by a manual ranking system, currently being finalised. More details soon!
      This will be used to announce the results for this challenge, and all previous ones (including Challenge #18, which will be recalculated).
      We encourage you to vote on all images, as this will help keep the voting evenly distributed.
      Winning Rewards
      The reputation prizes are as follows:
      Night Life  (Weekly Challenge #23):
      Entries: 10
      Prize Fund: 200 Rep
      1st Place: 100 Rep
      2nd Place: 60 Rep
      3rd Place: 40 Rep
      Prize Fund distribution:
      (1st Place = 50%,  2nd Place = 30%,  3rd Place = 20%)
      Good luck everyone!
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