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Sain - 51,624
    4. Sain - 51,624

Other images in Sain - The Natural Growth Region

Sain - 51,624

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The natural growth region 'Sain' now has 50k population Milestone




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What graphical mod are you using for the snow? I tried some of them but I couldn't get them to work.

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    • By kim026
      Hello simtropolians.
      I would like help from an engineering point of view, applied to SC4 obviously.
      I am working on a very big project that involves some radical thinking... I make full use of SC4 and Mods, lots of mods, to create the largest city of a country set in the fictional world of a book I'm writing.
      Thing is... Because I fell in love with natural growth style of play, I started the city as a tribal settlement... some 800 years before the nowadays milestone. I faced many challenges and many more awaits me. But one in particular I can't get my head around not even searching the internet. Can you help?
      Here's the question:
      How can (if at all) I raise the level of a big canal from sunken to say a 8-10 metre elevation so that it's not sunken anymore?
      Here's the picture:

      Bita Canal starts from Branny Bay Reservoir, less than a km South, where the Vidupe Aqueduct finally ends and brings its water supply. The Reservoir water level is carefully controlled so that water flows nicely to various locations in the area, with the use of a canal system which is still under development. The water level of the Reservoir can be raised as water supply is still abundant and the first portion of the canal system is sunken (an engineering decision also to deal with flooding). 
      Local developers need Bita Canal to proceed North to Fadalipe Citadel to bring water to the masses, but excavating a sunken canal right inside a densely populated area is advised against. Another proposal is the development of a network of sewers, but public opinion votes for an open canal to stream fresh water, and we can build that sewage for the waste water. Frankly, the Council agress with public opinion and we would much rather prefer a nice tight canal with fresh water that streams right past people's homes so that in future they can take that pleasing stroll by the canal and socialize. 
      So. If possible, how can developers elevate Bita sunken canal?
      If you have the straight answer to this engineering question then please post a reply. I would definetely appreciate the help and participation.
      In case you don't but you have some other idea, please post a reply too. I like ideas. If I can't use them straight away I put them in a labeled drawer for later use.
      For now, Fadalipe developers will push for a simple sunken canal that ends in a reservoir close to the city, so people can have access to new fresh water, as supply was running low. 
      There is also a poll for you to vote for, if you fancy. (I saw some CJers use it and I thought it would be fun to try) I will consider the result and find the best possible engineering solution to accommodate it.
      Thank you in advance 
      Let me know if this is the wrong section to post this. If needed I can post it somewhere else.
      (You can find the City Journal here:)
      The Peace and Recovery post does contain some photos of the aqueducts and their projects. Maybe it can help ignite ideas.
      Thank you!
    • By 89James89
      Introduction to Rokton
      So, having not been around for ages I've lately had the itch to start playing a city simulator again and have a go at being a virtual mayor. Deciding on Cities Skylines because hey, I like it (also because I have my SC4 discs and no manual and the Rush Hour manual and no disc but hey, such is life) and as usual for me choosing not to use Custom Content (reason is that I have a tendency to over detail things and get bored of projects, also with a little one now and other commitments I don't have a huge amount of free time (*any) and would like to have fun playing the game and growing a city rather than getting bogged down with detailing it. Plus watching a city expand has always been my favourite part over detailing stuff. I will try and make it look nice and as realistic as I can though).
      So anyway after that wall of text this will basically just be my CJ for, as of now, the small town of Rokton (might add additional towns/cities later on, who knows). I can't promise that updates will be regular though I will try my best with them but I do hope some of you will enjoy this laid back approach to building a city.
      Entry 1: Oh look, a town!
      Right, lets get you introduced to Rokton, a small but growing town in this small coastal valley somewhere in some country (as you can tell, planning this back story wasn't exactly top of my list). You see some guy by the name of Mr Rokton wanted a quiet life and bought this out of the way area (yup the whole of it, he's pretty rich, including rights to the highway and rail network) complete with dodgy highways and precarious railroad to live a life of solitude.

      Only trouble is he got bored, set up a farm, decided it was too much work for himself, hired some folk, let them rent some land and build some houses which in turn, attracted more folk who did the same and well, several years pass and the quiet area now boosts this town complete with industry and all. There's also a small chance that the horrifyingly horrify journey into the town along one of the coastal highways convinced people to settle here.

      Mr Rokton isn't exactly impressed but as the local shopkeepers (fast food chains) like to point out it's his fault!

      Anyway while he sat on his farmstead complaining to his farm hands about the situation his financial advisor showed him his earnings and how much rent everyone was paying.

      Suddenly a lot more planning applications got approved and the town grew a bit to where it currently stands.

      Hell, he even approved that dump. What a man of strong Principal Mr Rokton is!
      Anyway that's what the town currently looks like, perfect little piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere.
      Join us next time when I've no idea what will have happened! (or how long the next entry is even goignt o take me to get up)
      So yer, there's the first look at this tiny little town and new CJ. Feel free to like it, leave a comment on it (or at least soemthing remotely related) and even rant about how bad it looks (and the lack of Custom Content) and I'll see you again at some point in the future (hopefully!)
      Till then enjoy!
      PS. Jesus, how many brackets did I use in this post!
    • By Timmystwin
      http://imgur.com/a/XnJ4vImgur link, for those who are interested. It's identical.

      Construction begins

      The new Island, acquired by Blackwater and absorbed in to their council's area of influence, is prepared for construction.

      A wider road of approach is built, and the trees are cut down. There's an area of Oil on the island that's been left alone for now, as no-one can work out what to do with it. The old owners or occupants are given offers they cannot refuse to leave, so they all did.

      Green wave

      The residents of Blackwater Isle start turning their attention to the industry, which is squatting on their shoreline and making a large mess.

      The recycling centre is also expanded further.

      Industrial expansion

      Rilgar Island decides to zone for more industry, in anticipation of Blackwater shunning theirs, to try and take a chunk of those taxes.

      A highway connection is set up, albeit a temporary one.

      Construction begins

      Whilst some of the money to build the roads mysteriously disappeared, the sole construction company managing to get the contracts starts to build on the island.

      Power situation

      The power stations are starting to get old, and cannot cope with the new levels of power Rilgar and Blackwater require.

      So a larger, more efficient station is built on Rilgar, near the industrial zone already present. It's hoped the Industry might expand nearby.

      Blackwater Isle upgrades

      The main street becomes 6 lane, to accompany the traffic of the ever increasing density, and to provide for the new buildings.

      The old Industrial area is dismantled, and the clean up begins. It might take a while, this filth has been there for years.

      The industry wastes no time moving to Rilgar, where they don't have to pay so much protection money to certain businessmen.

      They even expand near the coal power station.


      High density starts to appear on the second isle, amid lots of union action and more corruption. Blackwater can't seem to shake its roots that easily.

      Freshly cleaned, residents and businesses start to move to the old industrial port.

      The oil still hasn't been worked on, and neither has the little tree park. Any construction companies trying to gain the rights start to have unfortunate accidents

      To accompany these accidents, a new hospital is built over the river from Blackwater, on Rilgar.

      Industrial expansion continues unabated on Rilgar however, and a train line is introduced to try and lower the traffic on the highway. The Power plant is also expanded to cope with the extra people.

      High density arrives in the old port area, as we see an insurance sca... accidental fire occur in the foreground.

      The Cleanup begins

      Starting to get a bit sick of this overflow of crime, Rilgar builds an actual police station on their border to Blackwater, and starts to invest in education.

      These attempts encourage more High density commercial to arrive on Blackwater.

      It also encourages some more expansion on the second isle.

      Sewage woes

      The crap lake starts to overflow, so the pipes need to be turned off. It's also started to seep in to nearby groundwater, so residents there aren't happy.

      The Kogor refinery is built, on a completely uninhabited island in the bay off of the second isle. Hopefully this is a more lasting solution than crap lake.


      The hills above the old beachfront start to see small houses appearing.

      With an actual police force nearby, construction starts to begin on the wooden patch and near the oil reserves, as the accidents have mysteriously become less prevalent.


      Crap lake is becoming cleaner, which symbolises Blackwaters attempts to re-invigorate its corrupt image and past. Will it succeed?
    • By Timmystwin
      Welcome to the new town, called Blackwater. I hope to continue this CJ throughout this cities life, and then continue it to other C:S maps.

      http://imgur.com/a/fuLtx This is a link to the imgur album, it's identical. Just in case you want it.

      This is the Island of Rilgar. Due to an inheritance dispute, the small island off the main island, in the bottom centre by the fork in the river, is no longer considered part of Rilgar, and its already weak council has no say over the land.

      http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=439565708">http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=439565708is the map

      New Beginnings

      So, the town of Blackwater is founded. The lower taxes on this island start to attract all sorts, although its lack of government means no real infrastructure is provided

      Industry arrives too. Gotta have jobs, and a lack of environmental laws means you can get away with higher profits at the end of the day.

      Government arrived

      A town council is soon founded, as they realise that chaos is not the best way to run things, and their first measure is to provide an actual main street, which should minimise traffic issues in the future.

      Main Island expansion

      A small satellite village founds on the main Island, connected to the newly built road. The road was originally intended to go further, but the money ran out, and Rilgar refused to allow further building on their island, due to the shady nature of Blackwater town at this time.

      More Growth

      The relatively low taxes encourages yet more people to arrive, providing more money to improve road surfaces.

      Developers get involved

      Land value on the starting island starts to rise, so to cut costs development starts on the main Island of Rilgar, who realise that the money flow from the new development could be just what they need.

      This new growth is hell for the Traffic situation of Blackwater.

      Solution? Bypass the town

      A new highway is built going around Blackwater town itself, hoping to provide a route in the future. It was paid for by the Government of Rilgar, who is keen to encourage the city's growth as a source of income.


      The new highway, combined with the low taxes and the increasing image of Blackwater as a respectable town, spurs massive growth on the island itself, and it starts to see its first high density buildings. The lack of planning law allows quick expansion.


      People need food, and somewhere to work, so they pop up on the main island itself.

      Clean up

      People are dirty, and this massive influx made the Rilgar Council put their foot down. A designated lake, off of the island of Rilgar on a currently empty island, is the new sewage dump. No more dumping in to the sea and hoping it washes away.

      Rubbish also gets out of hand, so Rilgar funds a new recycling centre in the hope the situation doesn't pollute too much.

      Beachfront Property

      Rising demand, and a newly clean beach means houses start to get built on the main Islands beachfront.

      Mass Transit arrives!

      Blackwater city council starts to get its act together, and starts bus lines between the beach, main city, and suburbs as more people start to arrive. One of the first decent acts of a reforming council.


      With overcrowding becoming an issue, the tax breaks are revoked by the City Council.

      New lands

      The new city council gains control over the sewage island off of Rilgar, and the small shopping district already there will have its infrastructure expanded, and more areas zoned.
    • By daydr3am3r
      Hello everyone! I decided after reading several CJs get into the adventure. First, I want to apologize for my bad english : I'm French Canadian but I do the best as I can. About my city, it will be natural growth, so you will follow the steps from the foundation to the big metropolis. The city is called "Queen" and it's located on the map of Atlanta, made by drunkapple. Here's a picture of the region:

      It look like a big flat map with a small river that separates the two sides. But by loading some of the cities I could observe the appalling numbers of hills that dot the region. I hope that my slope mod will survive. After flattened the ground as best as I could (It was horrible to draw the railway) I established the village. It currently has about 30 inhabitants. Many industries were built and most newcomers will go to work there. There's also un motel and somes shops at the main intersection. Here's a little picture for you :

      Well, that's all for today! I hope you enjoy even though it was short. the next update will be a little longer, I'll probably post it tomorrow.
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