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Taking the long way home

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     I posted this image a while ago in the "Show Us Your Railroads" thread . But this one is sorta different . It's my first try at image editing and I think it turned out okay . Good enough for the challenge , I think .

Good luck everybody . 

Below is where I have it on an image hosting site .


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It's amazing how a simple rail junction and some automata can look so good with the right backdrop :).

Assuming both trains are moving, you must have one efficient (dangerous) signalling system though :P.

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  1. Here is a terrible mistake of dispatcher. If something more had happened, the accident would be unavoidable. In real live it's too dangerous. But here i'm quibbling, ok...
  2. Vanilla trees? It a big fail.
  3. What is it in the lower left corner? Yes, it's a "Hide" icon. It's a big fail too.
  4. For the rest, here's too boring and uninteresting. Here's no any relief. Only almost, some kind of, solid forest.


  1. Smooth turns. But not so smooth for passing by on high speed train. I hope that they are not passing by on the full speed. But I know, it's impossible to make quite smooth road by any means of the game. Or, it's smooth enough... So, it's ok. Even a bit more than only "ok".
  2. Not vanilla passenger train. But i think it's would be quite weird to use vanilla passenger train, while in this site (and many other) a big range to download and use. I hate vanilla train. So, it's ok too.

5 stars - 4 (because of count of "-") and + 2 = 3 stars. I have set this mark, but in relation to other works, I would put 2 stars.

I voting in this challenge impartially, but too strictly because, you participating here, so you need to do your work so as to it would be impossible to find ANY fault there at all. I think that this might be one of the best works, if you at least tried to make it better. Believe me, in this competition, here's NO any work (at the moment of comment writing), which received 5 stars, because ANY had, at least, one mistake. Therefore, I had never took part in any of these challenges, because, I know, I can left, at least, one mistake in my work. 

Here I hurried and put the 3 stars, but really wanted to - 2.

UPD: I commented this image only because of my only one mistake. So thus, I explained, why i'd rather set 2 stars more than 3.

  Edited by jakis
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