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    4. The skyline of New Bordeaux

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The skyline of New Bordeaux

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    • By kingleno
      Been a minute since I've posted here, but here's a few things in various stages that I've been working on lately. 
      *update for my Macy's
      *couple of seafood restaurants
      *Riverboat that never got off the ground that i'm thinking about reviving. 


    • By cmdp123789
      Hey guys.. I have a quick question. I've seen on some videos that instead of the regular date, some players have the time option set to monday, tuesday, and so on.. so how do I do that? how do I change the regular time to the one showing up as the days of the week?
    • By R3V0

      Stadler EC250 ''Giruno''


      Stadler EC250 International Variant
      Bombardier Twindexx - SBB
      Bombardier Twindexx - Chirpy Intercity
      Stadler KISS - BLS 
      Grand Central
      Stadler KISS - SBB
      Stadler KISS - SBB: Props
      Stadler - Glasgow Subway
      Toronto Union Station Complex

      Stadler KISS - GO Transit 
      Stadler KISS - GO Transit: Props
    • By Alphaworldian

      Hello! I've waited nearly seven years to post this, talk about patience I guess!
      It's not as crazy as it sounds though. I have been working on a city-building project since 2010 and have anticipated to make an announcement about opening the city once the time was right, to many internet communities. City of Rezdog is an old project of mine that I have slowly worked on for many years now. The city itself is in a virtual world platform, and it is not city-building in the sense of the city-building game genre. This is literal virtual city building and nothing more, at least for now. The city is built with primitives, flat pieces that can be shaped, or 3-dimensional pieces. So the city is built piece by piece.
      City of Rezdog broke ground first in AlphaWorld on February 2014 on the ActiveWorlds platform. Since then the city has been moved to the Virtual Paradise platform, and has been rebuilt using a superior primitive system than the old. Before the city was built however, I created a draft of how the city could look. The following images below are the vector drafts of the how the first district is imagined.
      This draft helped shape the city as it first broke ground. The more difficult and time consuming parts of the city had to be addressed firstly before true development could begin, such as scale, object use, texturing, graphics, in-world conventions i.e. sidewalk width, curb width and depth, roads, highways, pavement markings, signage, building theme, etc. Cause of this, most of the work has been in the background so to speak. A vast majority of the work has been planning and preparation for the city. Currently, the city is not a city, it is only a district, a small one at that. I have the minimum features of the city built to get the ball rolling for others to begin building in the district.
      This is the beginning of what hopefully will be a city one day. The links below are aerial views of the old and new district, showing the work that has been done. The new district is completely different than the old, other than texture. Even the scale is different, as the old was too large.
      As previously stated, the minimum has been provided for people to really begin constructing the city. This is a platform where people can come together and collaborate on building. Rezdog is a project with lots of detail, and with a lot of work behind it. Depending on what a person wants to do, they can be either be lightly or heavily involved in the development of the city. This is a project that can last a lifetime. It is in a world that is extremely sizable, big enough that it would likely never be filled. The following are more screenshots of the old and new district.
      As you can tell, it is not a complete city, it is just the beginnings of a new town. It is not my intention to build an enormous city by myself, as I would find it lonesome and dissatisfying as I like to share my work, not to mention I couldn't do it all on my own. I am sociable, and I would like to build with others, making a community dedicated to crafting a virtual city. I felt Simtropolis would be a very fitting place to discuss my project, and to see if people would be interested in it. This is a project for people who are interested in building in open world type platforms, 3D modeling, cities, urban planning, or architecture. People will collaborate in this project on one goal, to build up and manage a virtual city. People can do anything from simply build roads, create textures, build parks, create buildings, plan the city, administrate the city, create models, program, do interior design for the buildings, and so on. I am looking for people from your community to join me in developing this virtual city, and see what kind of adventure we can be taken on building. Below are a few links related to the city.
      http://www.virtualparadise.org - Virtual Paradise platform
      https://discord.gg/EwxHjC5 - Rezdog discord
      http://www.lemfed.com/ - Lemerican Federation website
      Thanks for reading! Join the Rezdog discord if you are interested in building in Rezdog, or taking apart in the project in some other way! There is plenty to do.
    • By pauliaxz
      Hello ST community,
      I will use this topic to show my upcoming, work in progress and finished mods for Cities: Skylines. Some may know, some may not - I make soviet style buildings and car models.
      Here is some showcase of my already made mods:
      Link to steam collection of my residential soviet buildings. Series 1-464LI
      Vehicle mods:
      Link to steam collection of my passenger cars mods
      Link to my steam collection of heavy land vehicles (buses, trucks)
      Here is link to my planned cars list in Google spreadsheet format
      Making of next car is currently not started yet. I will announce later what car it will be (French hatchback). 
      At the moment I make my 5 story soviet buildings (1-464LI) RICO compatible, it will feature left, middle and right (placement) sections.
      And last, I want to hear your opinions about car models triangle counts. ~2500 was chosen because of adding these cars to another city-builder game too. Choose acceptable triangle count for you. Multiple choice is allowed if e.g. acceptable is 500-3000
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