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Other images in Parks and Plazas (S3-11-C)

Pedestrianised Street

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[Download Here]

Here is a simple Pedestrianised Street i have created. It is transit enabled and allows for the growth or plopping of commercial buildings to create a car free commercial area.

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    • By huzman
      I saw a tut about building roundabouts with streets by @MiniMark, some 6 years ago. But his streets had cul-de-sacs and mine don't. So I'm looking for a file named :
      Z_Maxis/_Street_Cul_de_Sacs. (Hope I got the right spelling).
      I searched here in this topic and in the whole ST site. No results.
      In advance, thanks much.
    • By AmiPolizeiFunk
      A. Many roads IRL change names along the way. You can't control where roads change names in C:S, afaik.
      B. "All on" or "All off" sucks. I have thousands of roads. I don't want the auto-generated names. I want to slowly name my roads and only have the ones that I have named be displayed.
      Can this kind of stuff be modded?
    • By Wahrheit
      High Mast Lighting
      RHW-6C/8C T21 High Mast Lighting
      UPDATED 3/3/12 - See Changelog
      By Blue Lightning

      This file includes 2 versions: Lot based and T21 based
      The lot based version is ploppable, very similar to TheGreatChozo's lights. They can be found in the POLICE menu.
      Spacing: Recommend 5 tiles between each light for optimal coverage w/o overlap.

      The T21 based version applies ONLY to RHW-6C and RHW-8C. Spacing is automatic; you will not find this in any menu. They will appear when you place an RHW-6C/8C. Update existing RHW by clicking on it w/ the RHW tool.

      Both versions can be installed at the same time and I recommend you do so.

      Drop the "zz_BL_High Mast Lighting" folder right into "[My] Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins"
      This folder MUST be loaded AFTER the Network Addon Mod. So if you use a personal plugins layout, shove it into the ZZ folder or similar.

      If you do not wish to use the T21 mod, delete the corresponding folder.

      The lot based HML's have no incompatibilities.

      The T21 HML's are NOT compatible with any mod that affects RHW-6C or 8C T21's.
      This includes:
      Xyloxadoria's RHW 6C Mast Lighting 1
      Xyloxadoria's RHW Lights and Barriers 1

      Network Addon Mod

      You ARE allowed to redistribute this mod as long as this file is included.
      Giving credit would be appreciated as well.

      As for derivative mods, they are also allowed, preferably with credit given for the base.
      Mod edit 5th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By Kodlovag
      Uniform Street Lighting Mod
      Release 1.0 by kodlovag


      This mod is replacing the lamp posts and cones on road based networks. The goal is to create uniformly lit roads and therefore a much more realistic night scene.

      USL adds new and replaces existing in-game and NAM T21 network lots responsible for appearance of street and roadsides, avenue medians, roadside light poles etc. Also adds new light pole props and overwrites in-game ones. USL does not add or modify any textures, and therefore compatible to any
      sidewalk or road texture replacement mod.

      Supported networks
      All supported networks receive their corresponding light props. The following networks are supported:

      - Maxis Highway (MHW): all in-game and many NAM pieces including elevated-ground transition pieces, wide radius curves, on slope pieces, road under elevated highway (EHW) and similar pieces.
      - Avenues
      - Road
      - One-way
      - Road and avenue turning lanes
      - Turning Lanes Expansion Pack (TuLEP)
      - Network Widening Mod (NWM)
      - Roundabouts
      - Street: streets get the original Maxis light pole props to keep USL compatible to great streetside mods. That means street lamp post props are applied on every lots including T21s, which use the game default lamp post props, and don’t have direct support in USL.
      - Bridges: Maxis highway (both elevated and ground), avenue, road, oneway road, street bridges. All in-game and NAM bridges. Additional bridges are not supported, but can receive the modded USL lights if the game default streetlight props are applied on them.

      Unsupported networks
      The following networks are not supported by the USL and therefore don't receive USL lamp post props:

      - MHW interchanges: ramps, cloverleaf, etc.
      - Intersections: street, road and avenue intersections. Any intersections with rail, elevated rail, monorail.
      - Real Highway (RHW)
      - Tram on road: will be supported in a later release
      - Tram on avenue: will be supported in a later release. Several tram on avenue pieces have T21s in NAM, they get the modded USL street lights.
      - Street Addon Mod (SAM): Several SAM pieces have T21s, they get the modded USL street lights.
      - Wide Radius Curves: sithlrd98 made T21 mod for the wide radius curves. It uses the default street lights, so it will receive the modded USL street lights.

      USL basically can conflict with any other T21 based mod, which applies T21s on networks supported by USL. The goal is to keep these other mods usable by replacing their T21s and lamp post props. There is additional support for several mods, which would otherwise be incompatible. Therefore it’s important that USL must load after all of these mods.
      There is a list in the pdf readme containing several T21 mods which apply on the supported networks and their current compatibility state. Please read the readme! One important point is included here:
      - Light Replacement Mod, LRM V3.0: Not compatible. USL directly replaces LRM. If you have LRM V3.0 installed, please remove it. You can keep using LOTLight and Generic light replacements. Maarten works on a USL compatible version of LRM. Thanks for Maarten allowing me to use his T21s in my mod.

      Installation instructions
      It's very important, please read the included pdf readme for detailed install instructions!
      - Copy the mod into your Plugin directory. Be sure it loads last.
      - Copy only one color version!
      - Copy T21s for NWM and TuLEP only, if you have those mods!
      - Copy files from directory T21_Mods_Addons only if you have that specific mod! Otherwise they will conflict!

      How to use it in game – Tips & Tricks
      After installing this mod, you will find that several lights are automatically replaced, but other lights on supported networks are not. In order to replace the street lights on these networks, click on them with the road tool, and new lights will be applied on a few tiles radius range. This is the process, when the new and modified T21s are applied. Bridges must be rebuilt to get the new T21s. You need to do this process only once. If you want to change light pole sets or colors later, effect will be immediate.
      Any newly built network will get the USL lights immediately.
      A pole will only have light, when powered.
      Please save your game in daytime! Otherwise you will see that the light cones
      paint your roads in the region view.
      You will see many times, when you intersect an avenue with a road, that the intersection is dark, because light poles are two tiles away in both directions. You can use TuLEPs to light up the intersection. Diagonal intersections are still causing problem.
      Feel free to datpack the mod if you want to decrease loading time of the game, but take into account, that you might have hard time when you want to change pole sets or updating to a new release of USL.

      This is a great mod, you won’t want to uninstall it… But if you really want, delete the T21s first. Then click on all the networks with the road tool, where T21s were applied to replace them by the game default T21s. Just like after the installing process. Then you can remove the light pole sets too. If you see brown boxes after this process, you didn’t refresh that piece of the road. Click on it with the road tool to remove the brown box.

      Network Addon Mod (NAM) Version 29

      Optional downloads
      Network Widening Mod (NWM)
      Turning Lanes Plugin (TuLEP)
      This mod was designed to use together with a dark night mod. Day and night mod by Simfox or similar mod is recommended. But it works with standard Maxis night too.

      Support thread

      Thanks to
      Maarten (mrtnrln) for allowing using files from his great LRM mod and for revising this readme.
      Xannepan for the name of the mod.
      NorbyToG for helping in beta testing.
      Mod edit 3rd May 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By tankmank
      Today i am uploading a Pedestrianised street. The lot is transit enabled . It is 1x6 tiles in size, and you can put two of them together to create a 1x12 long pedestrianised street. 
      The trees are all seasonal and should fit into a variety of different building styles. 
      You can find the lot in the parks menu nearer the top. It functions as a maxis grass area with all the same stats. 
      I tried to use as few dependencies as possible, but there are a few. 
       List of dependicies
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01
      SHK Parking Pack
      PEG MTP Super Pack 
      Murimk Props Vol 2
      I  have tested it numerous times, but if there are any issues please do PM me, or write in my new Lot editing topic Tankmanks Lots.
      And i just hope that you will enjoy it. 
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