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Other images in City Overview (S3-13-W)

Wolfskreut - A full Overview


The image on the gallery is only 1.3MB, and heavily compressed, so please view the full image via the link below or in the comments. Please click the image in the comment, then full size, and feel free to zoom in wander around Wolfskreut in a super high-res image. Enjoy! :) 


A wide scale mosaic of the city of Wolfskreut.

This image comprises of the entirety of the city, the borders have been trimmed to provide a more seamless transition, but apart from a 2 tile removal, every square is shown!

Comprised of 33 individual images, this mosaic is made up of over 51,000,00 pixels and the PSD file is a staggering 143MB! This is the largest image I have ever shared on ST!

Hope you enjoy!


View the full hi-res picture here.

(A slightly compressed version can be found here , for those with slower internet. :) )


© _Michael 2016

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20 hours ago, RandyE said:

That's beautiful.   We've come so far organizing space and function.  Good Work.  The canals look good.


25 minutes ago, Caelem said:

Beautiful, wish I was as good as you lol ☺️☺️

Thanks both for the comments! :) 

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37 minutes ago, schokoladeneis 1 said:

Outstanding work! :thumb:

Only one thing. You have used the eye-catching 'Radison Blu Hotel' from Frankfurt twice. Its the blue round building.

Thanks for the comment! I'm aware I've used it twice - unfortunately there are only an finite number of buildings...

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