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Other images in Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

Aerial Perspective Night Scene

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Light is more scattered farther away, so there is less contrast and more brightness.   Objects farther away are more blue as light is receding, closer they are more red as light is approaching.  Color is more saturated up close than far away, and generally farther away objects are more blurry.  


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At SC4 distances focus would be infinity (both with eyes and a camera). So all objects would remain in focus, but I like the concept. The red-blue shift is also false, because there's light scattering at night is different than during the day, and the buildings themselves are not moving, so atmospheric effects would only render distant objects more blue, but wouldn't affect closer objects to make them more red. This is only true for extremely distant objects like stars, nebulae & clusters, and galaxies, and only because their relative speeds are somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of miles per hour (or more, depending on the distance) either towards or away from us (the Andromeda Galaxy is moving towards us at something like 300 000 miles an hour).

Really though, what would end up happening is that the atmosphere would get in the way and cause the distant objects to appear darker because the air that turns them blue during the day (light scattering) would also affect the light transmission at night an obscure more of the light reflected off of the buildings. So distant buildings should be darker at night, and closer buildings brighter, the reverse of what's in this photo.


But like I said before, definitely an interesting idea.

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3 hours ago, APSMS said:


I like that we can mix art and science here, and I stand corrected on all points.  'artistic license' allows stretching concepts from science to fit the need of art, and I can see my description is messy from a more science POV. 

As like with the infinite focus you mention in the scale of space here, using long lenses in photography focal length can be adjusted to create something like the effect above where space is stretched out.

I think the red/blue shift was used by artists even before the physics was available to explain it, and we have to consider how the human eye/brain perceives space.  We are talking about warmer/cooler light, and I think the science says we perceive closer objects as warmer and further objects as cooler.

I didn't even realize I was mixing both night and day dynamics of light into a reversal. Thanks for pointing it out because I feel I've achieved something even more artistic than I thought.    However, art may be good, but I do agree, science rules. 

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