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Other images in City Overview (S3-13-W)

Petoskey in the fall from space

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    • By BugeyedDragon
      In simcity 4, i've always had the common bug of the city region tile showing as a blank tile however still being functional in the region when clicking out of the window while saving, however now it's just in general. I plan on having region shots for my city journal however this is making it very hard. Is there any discovered fix or workaround? I want to avoid removing mods as much as possible.
      Mod folder size: 7.80 gigabytes

      (and, a side note, 2/3 times when i open a city tile the game stops responding, and i normally restart. is this fixable or just completely harmless? tis been happening for a while unlike this bug so i'm just wondering)
    • By GoKingsGo
      Current project
    • By nonessentialnoodle
      Hi there, I havent been active on Simtropolis for several years but Ive decided to re-visit Simcity 4 so here I am!
      Anyway Im revisiting an old region which is already established across 6 or so large map tiles. Unfortunately looking at it from a fresh perspective a serious commuter loop has formed between 4 of the cities which are arranged in a grid of 4. All 4 of these city tiles are built up around a shared corner which includes various neighbour connections. This has now allowed the sims to continually commute around the 4 tiles in a circular fashion from this corner.

      Tile 1 is my main downtown which is a fully developed large tile, with a fairly even balance of jobs and residents. Tile 2 is mainly industrial. Tile 3 is mainly residential with some industry. Tile 4 is an extension of the downtown and includes offices and residential.
      The traffic query has been giving me figures of 50000 using each connection although the number fluctuates wildly and is never the same for long. The census building tells me that in Tile 2 there are 2 million people commuting in which is leaving a shortage of over 1 million jobs. The census at Tile 3 tells me there are 350000 commuting in which is leaving a shortage of nearly 350000 jobs.
      Is there any way to stop this cycle? I tried removing the neighbour connections from the corners but then they just commuted to the next available connection halfway across the map. Ive now deleted all connections between Tile 3 and Tile 4. Its not ideal but this leaves me with Tile 4 connected directly to Tile 1 and Tile 3 connected to 2 which is connected to 1. Although this has killed all traffic between tiles 3 and 4 it doesn't appear to have changed the census (assuming I'm reading the census query correctly) or changed the traffic at all in Tile 2.
      Has anybody got any suggestions on how to make the loop stop? Is it a case of having to cut all neighbour connections until things calm down? I know this topic has been addressed a bit already, I hope Im not duplicating but most of what I found previously is strategies to avoid it in the first place not to undo the effects of an existing loop! Thanks for any help
    • By MarkShot
      I have been trying to take a single region and build a metropolis. In am not looking to have each city of the region being a self sustained entity. 
      Rather in am looking for say one region to be highly agricultural. Another very industrial; also providing energy and garbage services to neighbors. 
      Other cities being commercial districts or high wealth residential or low wealth residential.  Maybe a tourist city. 
      I have NAM 35 installed. I am looking besides neighbor deals to provide cross border demand and labor. With many cities connected via a spoke/hub highway system. 
      I am aware of the infinite commuter bug.
      Where the highways offload to the local city, I make sure that it happens in the center of the tile away from edges. 
      I have been careful not to create 3+ city cycles. 
      Sadly, I am having many problems creating cross border job demand and workers. 
      I really want to play the entire region, and not simply have a collection of 10-15 highly redundant cities. 
      Although having NAM Standard 35 installed, I have only use Maxis constructs thus far. 
      Any tips as how to play an entire region would be highly appreciated. 
      Please note, I wish to do so without cheating. Meaning using things that simply give me infinite cash to build with. Although, I must say it does seem like a strategy killer that surpluses and deficits cannot be reconciled across a region. 
    • By f3cs
      Is there any possible way to expand a region that already exists in the game, adding more cities? I know that I'll have to mess with config.bmp, but I want more cities in the west of my region...
      I'm using this region:
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