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Other images in Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

Northeast Calorna au Nuit

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From the album

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    • By CrazyEyes86
      The Coeur d'Alene Resort is a luxury resort hotel in the northwest United States, located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Seated on the north shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene, the Coeur d Alene Resort features a marina, convention facilities, spa, as well as a notable 18-hole golf course. The hotel has 338 rooms and suites, and its main tower has 18 floors.
      My challenge to YOU make this a mod for the game !!!!!!!
    • By Linoa06

      Disclaimer :
      Welcome to Cathnoquey! This was initially a CJ focused on building a city from scratch, but this has evolved into a visit of the many cities that form Cathnoquey.
      Cathnoquey is based on the Elder Scrolls, though in a decidedly less magical alternate universe which branched out somewhere in the Fourth Era. Most of the entries can be found in this forum thread, though for a more exhaustive list of all Cathnoquey work feel free to browse the City Journal section. This CJ has been going on for just under a year now, so there's quite a lot to read! 

      This is what Cathnoquey looks like. The cities we've visited are shown in yellow! 
      This CJ belongs to me (Linoa06) but I know a couple of folks that also write blogs based on my universe and my take on the TES setting.
      Having said that, do enjoy and thanks for reading! The very first entry where it all started comes just after this  

      Welcome to Amesbury and to my Cities : Skylines CJ! I am writing this CJ and chronicling my city of Amesbury as I develop it from scratch. It's not an attempt at organic city planning (there is a master plan after all), but the city isn't fully planned either and I let myself wander off the 5-year-plan when issues arise or if I fancy trying something else.

      As it turns out, the candy graphics don't actually put me off. This is actually my fourth town, but the first one I build with more than just gameplay in mind. We'll see how it goes!

      I will not attempt to keep to a certain time frame as it killed my Traebia CJ dead in its tracks a couple of years ago. My time is limited, I want to take it easy.

      Of Cats and Cathnoquey

      So where to begin...Amesbury is a small village in the Commonwealth of Cathnoquey. During the Tiber Septim wars this island was developed as an outpost for invasions of Akavir, but it was out of the way enough that once the wars ended, most citizens returned to Tamriel and colonization was over. Ayleids were reported on the island as late as the Fourth Era, when colonization began and Cathnoquey became interesting again. They were persecuted and the few remaining Ayleids now enjoy protected minority status, but harm has been done.

      Cathoquey is a federation. Its two biggest cities are Wellsborough (1.254.698) and New Wigmore (785.021), though there are some other big cities scattered on the island, mostly on the coastal areas.

      Amesbury, Land of Sleepy Roads
      The two towns are linked by railroads and limited-access roadways. Amery County, in the middle of forested hills, is where the two axis meet. It could be a perfect place for a town to grow...but at present, there is only a small village settled barely fifty years ago : Amesbury.

      A very sleepy town... Which for fifty years has not been a great hub of anything. Though the timber industry is very present and drives the municipal economy, the town is a cosy and unassuming place. But everything changed in 5E115 with the municipal elections, and Major DeFacto, a very moustachy old Altmer, was defeated by an up-and-coming human councillor, Major Davies.

      And the Wellsborough-educated daughter of a timber tycoon has plans for the town. If there's a city in all of Cathoquey that must become important and -the- place to invest in, it better be Amesbury!

      In 5E115, Amesbury is home to 2'407 people. Most live in the residential district, also called North Shores. Further east, Crest Heights is an industrial park that, while in decline, has managed to hold its own far better than most of the industry sector in the whole country.

      Motorway M2, the east-west axis between New Wigmore and the New Gold Coast, looking west.

      Exit 54 for Amesbury and Amery County...

      Most traffic enters the town at Hickory Circle or through SR-8, a small road leading south. Hickory Circle is the town's central park and is where of the town's commercial activity happens. There's also a small Major's House and County Seat.

      The very quiet Browley Street, still sleepy in the morning sun. Proposals to embellish the roadworks have remained shelved for years under DeFacto's majorship. Browley Street was where singer Ciley Mirus lived before losing herself in a construction area and finding fame in New Wigmore! Thank you, TeeEmZee!

      The town has managed to keep its industry going over the years, in large part because of the many logging camps across the County. Wood-related industries make up for most of the town's industrial output. Dam Splinters, Inc has based its headquarters in Amesbury to take advantage of the very low industrial tax rate (barely 6%!), and ICK-EA is planning to set up shop here, too!

      DeForest Station Co., just outside town. This logging camp (and many others) is owned by the Davies family.

      A Sprinter train from Wellsborough to Albany runs near the town. Amesbury is not served by the CathRail passenger or freight networks, though CathCoach buses stop at Hickory Circle.

      That's it for now! There are many development plans going on, but for now Amesbury is still quite the sleepy town it is known for. There's high residential and industrial demand, low tax rates, plenty of land to settle, and it's one of the best spots as far as transportation is concerned, so Talos willing, maybe the town will grow someday...
      This is my first entry and beginning area, hope you like it and feel free to give feedback.
    • By Don_Pato
      A custom stadium, inspired by Municipal Stadium of Braga, Portugal. This BAT is simple ,without details.
    • By Stellaris88
      Are there any city building game where i can build an dystopian/totalitarian looking City? I want to build an City that could be an capital of an totalitarian fascist oder communist dictatorship. Does such an city building game exist? Most cities in city building games look very colorfull and not really dystopian, can you build in simcity 4 such an city?
    • By Stellaris88
      How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
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