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Concord is a local getaway for the one percent. It's bay is full of yachts. This picture shows that.


© Thin White Duke

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    • By tariely
      I found that file while tidying up my stash, and I am trying to make it work. No readme, and I can't find it anywhere online -- perhaps one of paeng's on our defunct simpeg, sigh. There should be EN-Bripizza boat models to make the file work, as I found EN boat lots* in there. but it doesn't work. Can't find other EN boats [not barges] anywhere online. And the paeng boats don't appear in my Test plugins menus ; only three EN boats in Water Transport, which all flag "missing something". Does the name of paeng's file or of EN's ring any bell anywhere ? Heeeelp !
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      HELP !!! 
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        Description: This is just a pair of lots that enable you to plop the PEG Coast Guard boats (Cutter and Patrol Boat) by themselves anywhere in the water.   Previously, these were part of an excellent PEG Coast Guard lot, but the boats were moored on the pier - now you can get these babies going out on the open ocean     Dependencies: PEG-CDK3 Coast Guard Station (specifically, the *PEG_CDK3_CG-Equiptment_RESOURCE.dat)       Installation: Simply unzip the file and put the entire 'SimCougs PEG CG Boats' folder in your plugins (don't forget the dependencies).       Developer notes:  You will find these boats under the 'Water Transportation' menu - simply plop them where ever you like.  No costs or benefits - these are simply eye-candy lots.         Support: For comments, questions or help, please visit SimCoug's Lot&Mod Den     Special Thanks: Thanks to Pegasus for creating these awesome models, and thanks to Chris11 for the request.
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