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An actual dump on an actual riverbed. Katwick's town council supports this.


© Thin White Duke

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    • By sccolin
      I am new to 3D modelling and not a lot of experience with texture maps.  So it took me a long time to debug a problem with the illumination map output from Mod Tools dump.  I do not think this is necessarily a problem with Mod Tools as it did not happen on the European models I dumped with it.
      The problem had first occurred with other models I had modified with Blender.  To isolate the problem, I dumped a couple of asset buildings with Mod Tools and then went straight to the Asset Editor, Import to check out the problem.  No blender processing, I imported the dumped .obj files directly to asset editor.   Below you see the results with the original built-in asset on left side of streets and the Editor imported version of exactly the files that were dumped on the right side of the streets.
      At night some of the dumped/imported assets appeared to be randomly ALL lit up at night.  Being a newbie to modeling it took me a while to focus on the illumination map.  In the dumped illumination map almost all the mask value were 225 (= lights ON ALL over).  It should have been 192 for neutral, i.e. no light at night.  Changing the illumination map values from 225 to 192 with my graphics program (Paintshop Pro) fixed it.

    • By Thin White Duke
      The dump of the region, Katwick, from above.
    • By BIWDC
      This file is now unlocked as i found the dependencies again however if i made a
      mistake & got the wrong ones & something doesn't show please let know thanks in
      (Advance Biwdc)

      Ok here is my 12th upload and it's the Redesigned maxis toxic waste dump(same
      stats as the original).This is for those who use the toxic dump and it unlocks the
      same way as the maxis one and it replaces the maxis one the dependencies are:

      jestarrIndustrial Props Pack
      Jestarr Industrial Props Pack Vol03
      (These are now in BSC Mega Props jes Vol 01)link:SimPeg(this is on the pegasus
      productions web site now you will need to register & login to download the file)
      (it's under THE BSC Under Jestarrs stuff in the exchange there)
      Update:SimPeg is shutdown now so you will need to get the above prop pack
      from the exchange on sc4 devotion link:
      (You will need to Register/Login to download the file).

      Building props V1 From maxis
      Link:www.SimCity.ea.com -No Longer Running
      Get it from Here instead Link:
      Search the forums for the Get your Maxis Files here!

      (if there is any trouble with this lot please let me know)
      (2005 Biwdc Lot's inc. enjoy & please rate)
    • By Nico Robin
      Hello all! Garbage Dump Inscrease
      Inscrease / Cost / Maintenance / Capacity
      70T to 700T for Dump Zone
      4000 to 6000 (Cost)
      300 to 500 (Maintenance)
      Module All in 10
      How to Install :
      1 : Origin Game / SimCity / SimCityUserData / Packages
      2: Make Sure have SimCity-Scripts_287520926.Packages , with SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926.Packages
      If u got any problem or bug pm me Thanks
    • By Fatherted
      This lot is like a 1x1 maxis plaza, found in the landfill menu.
      This is the Radiation Destroyer (WITH NO DEPENDENCIES!!!) that will fix any radiation qualms in your cities. Please read the big red text, and find it in your LANDFILL menu. It looks 100% like a MAXIS plaza, but takes away 10000 units of atomic activity. (Approx. 5000 toxic waste dumps. That's enough right?) Don't remove it from your cities after saving or the 10000 units of radiation will actually flood back to the 64 tiles it was removed from, even if there was no radiation beforehand. (Technical Note: This is due to a technical bug in the game where tiles with minus radiation will reset to 0, and then removal of this lot will force it up to 10000. Don't worry, as long as it isn't removed from the city, all it's 64 tiles of effect will stay at 0, even with a radiation source.)
      wall of text there, and yes I did break my rule of no more uploads on the STEX, because this was too awesome. And more are coming!
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