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Just south of the CBD of Monroe lie these middle class apartments. Nice.


© Thin White Duke

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    • By MisterBlueStar4
      Hey so I'm having a little trouble finding the perfect seawall for a marina I'm about to build.Can anyone recommend me some good ones out there?
    • By RandyE
      Contains 9 2x2 lots to choose from.  Each lot has a different character, animation, and a variety of props from SC4 Deluxe.
      All lighthouses cost 4000§ (Simoleons), earn 100§ a month, slightly reduce air and water pollution nearby, and have a moderate local park and landmark effect.
      All lighthouses are in the Reward Menu and are available for immediate plopping. The Maxis Reward lighthouse is not replaced and becomes available as usual.
      No External Dependencies:
      The dependencies in version 1 have been removed. I am using a smaller texture pack that I made for my lots which is included, and have replaced the Bus Stop with an extended Toll Booth Platform.
      The 'BaseTexturesElements_Grass.dat' is an internal dependency required for the lots above; it is included in this package in the folder 'z_Grass Base Textures'.
      I have made a 500K Base Texture Volume with textures I made for my lots linked below.   If the texture file below is used then delete the ' z_Grass Base Textures' folder as the textures are the same and don't need to be loaded twice.
      Base Textures Vol 1 Elements
      To install select the folders for the lighthouses you want to use and delete the other sub-folders.   Don't delete the 'z_Grass Base Textures' folder unless you are using none of the lighthouses which require them or are using the larger texture volume (see above). 
      Copy and paste the 'Lighthouse 2x2 Lot Pack V2' into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. 
    • By картошка
      I just want to know if there's a way to get the marina from SC3K to C:S? I don't want to do anything illegal obviously but there's been other people who post SC3K assets. I just really like the SC3K marina.
      Basically, my question is how do you get assets out of SC3K? It's this thing (the marina).

    • By sismaCS
      Hello guys, first of all I wanna thank you all for making this game so much better with all your amazing job !
      and now as the title says...is there any chance to get corners for quays? I mean you think it's possibile with some mod?
      Because so far, with those curves they are simply unrealistic for ports building. 
    • By J_botz
      Does anyone have this problem when loading a saved map? I built a quay along the land and every time I open my save, these giant waves are there and flood the surrounding area. I tried editing the quay and changing the terrain around it but they still form. My apologies if this has been answered.

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