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Here's a slightly bigger CBD that was warmly received by much of the community. Thank you for that! :)


© Thin White Duke

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    • By Sgt Pepper
      This is a slightly updated version of my previous Guaranty Bank Building I made a few years ago. It was taken down from the STEX but now its back. T Wrecks lotted this one and sent it to me again a few months or so previously. Yeah...I've been meaning to get this up for you guys... xD

      Well this is the Guaranty Bank Building without the flags on it like the previous version I re-uploaded. This one is also relotted by our friend T Wrecks, which gives it a more nifty appearance.

      The building was originally known as the Guaranty Bank & Trust Building or the Guaranty Building and was erected in 1920 with 10 floors and was and still is the tallest building in Alexandria Louisiana. Hibernia National Bank moved in after a while, and then Capital One Bank moved in after that and still occupy it to this day. Thus it's now known as the Capital One Bank Building.


      Lot Size- 3x2

      Occupants- CO$$

      Jobs- Tree-fiftee (350)

      This building is also W2W, mainly on its back. Somewhat unfortunately the real building's dimensions exceeded a 2x1 lot size. It's mainly for corners.

      NOTE: If you have the previous version witht he flags, I'd recomend deleting it. There could be possibly conflcits with having both files but I never tested this myself. Better safe than sorry.


      BSC Mega Props GC Vol. 1

      BSC Mega Props JES Vol. 1

      I hope you all enjoy this one!
      (oh no I broke my dialect briefly!!!!11one11!!
      Mod edit 28th April 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By Andrey km
      So, my intention is to create a suburb in the south area, full of parks and trees and expand a little bit the downtown area. The space is limited here, so i have to do a good work with these free zones. Any suggestion?
      Using Reddonquixote's St Paul's Cathedral, this made a fine addition to Erinsberg's city centre.
    • By Pegasus
      Ladies & Gentlemen... The Great Lighthouse of Alexandria. 
      Built to withstand the ravages of sea and time, The 40-story high Great Pharos Lighthouse stood as the tallest structure on Earth for almost 15 centuries... finally succumbing to a series of devastating earthquakes in the 1300s. Of the 6 fallen Ancient Wonders, the Lighthouse was the last to fall.
      Lost to The Ages, a team from the Pegadyne Oceanographic Institute recently located and recovered the ruins from the harbor of Alexandria. Strapped for cash, the local government eagerly sold the ruins to Pegadyne Industries who carefully preserved and transported them back to your city. And there, as yet another public relations coup for the corporation, the ruins have been restored to their prior glory and now serve as a museum of Ancient Civilization for all the world to enjoy. "
      This 8x8 lot (10x10 actual) historical landmark functions as a museum and serious tourist magnet. It contains all the properties and benefits of a normal museum (except plop price) and also includes the benefits of a landmark and tourist attraction.
      This is a massive monument, Boys & Girls...  assembled modular style from 10 basic interconnecting models. Numerous other custom props, textures, and sound effects were designed exclusively for this lot... including 14 individual offset-rendered props and models just for the seawalls alone.
      The lot is designed to be plopped on water like the game's default seaport. However, it can also be plopped on dry land and used with the PEG Pond Kit to create a surrounding river or lake. The large parking area is transit enabled and when connected to your road network, cars and school buses will drive through it.
      ** Special thanks to BarbyW, Andreas, Blackbeard, & ParadiseFarm
      for their assistance during the development of this project.
      The Great Lighthouse has NO mandatory external dependencies.
      The PEG Oasis Park is recommended for expanding the museum/park complex.
      **This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users.  These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete.
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
    • By Libertyville
      I've been playing a new city, Acacia, named after the Acacia trees I chose as the main theme trees of the city.
      Acacia is uniquely located between two bays, with four external links and plenty of seaport connections.
      City Type: Port city; large metropolitan
      Density: Medium-high
      Geographic features: Coast, waterfront, beaches, rivers, gentle hills
      Population: 200,000+
      Transportation infrastructure: Heavily mass rapid transit, multiple rail/air/sea links
      Economy: Diversified in financial services, oil and refinery, ore, forestry, light agriculture, light industries, commerce, education, and tourism.
      Let's take a look at the beautiful region view:


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