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This big ol' trumpet ended up looking quite smooth thanks to FARHW pieces.


© Thin White Duke

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    • By PaleoCardio
      Hi Everyone
      So I am having a bit of a headache over getting my sims back home from work properly. Here comes an image.
      They commute in the morning (green line), then in the evening they commute home (blue line). However, instead of going off at the correct junction and turn at the roundabout and back through the tunnel (red line), they go past it to the next town (which is currently empty for now), then return to get off the highway.
      Now I am sure there is a better interchange I could use to get them back onto the right side easily (so they use that), but cannot figure out which. Maybe I have made it too complicated for them. Or does the problem lay elsewhere? Maybe my planning is all off for the tile, but there must be a way to get them home directly instead of leaving town? As this is a recurring problem for me, I thought I would ask for some advice.
      Any feedback would be most welcome.    Thanks!
    • By PaleoCardio
      So as a beginner, working with the real highway (RHW) puzzle pieces can be pretty daunting, especially when trying to create interchanges. As a beginner myself I wanted to construct an Avenue/Real Highway interchange, but after a lot of trial and error was unsuccessful. That is, until I cracked it.
      This Avenue/Real Highway interchange tutorial is aimed at the novice SimCity player who wants to get into the RHW a little more and needs a step-by-step approach to creating a standard, but useful interchange.
      Warning: The following post contains a lot of pictures, but hopefully will be helpful.
      Step 1. Choose a real highway starter piece from the menu highway menu.

      I decided to use the 8S starter piece. Press tab to find the correct puzzle piece. You can use any of them, but I chose to use the 8S for this tutorial. Make sure that the yellow lines are in the middle (important for direction of traffic) and place on the ground.

      Using the RHW2 from the highway menu, drag through the starter pieces and elongate the highway to the desired length. This tutorial requires a bit of space, so drag at least 30 tiles or so.
      Now go to your hole digger lots (found under misc. transportation) and choose the 15m sunken hole digger lot. Place the digger with the arrow facing away from the highway, 4 tiles out, and repeat on the opposite side of the highway, opposite the other digger.

      Starting one tile towards the highway, drag a road through the digger lot for 10 tiles. Do the same on both sides. There should now be a sunken alley.

      Using the road piece, press individually to bring the sunken level of road to the same height. This should be 2x5 tiles facing away from the highway. Once level, bulldoze them.

      Next, remove a section of the highway in the middle of the sunken holes to leave space for the tunnel.

      Choose the avenue and then place it on the sloped terrain and drag to the opposite side. If done correctly, a tunnel will be formed. Then drag the end pieces of the avenue out at least 15 tiles or so.

      Then drag the highway back by using RHW2 to form the completed highway again.

      Now we have completed a sunken avenue under a highway and with the first stage complete we can now move onto the ramps.
      Using the RHW2, move 4 tiles along the highway from the middle of the avenue.  Now we are going to create a ramp. This is a 3-step motion.
      1.     Drag out 1 tile, 2. Drag up 1 tile. 3. Drag outwards 2 tiles.
      This should build a B1 ramp. This ramp can also be found in the ramps puzzle pieces and just placed on the highway, but this is a great and fast way to place a ramp exactly where you want it.

      Next, click on the build highway and ramps button and then scroll down to the real highway wide radius smooth curve puzzle piece. Press tab until you get to the MIS-45 degree piece. The puzzle piece should be placed so it is 1 tile out and 1 tile down from the end of the ramp piece. Make sure that the yellow line is on the same side as the ramp and place on the ground. It is important to keep the yellow lines on the same side as each other at all times.

      Using tab, scroll through to the 90-degree smooth puzzle piece and orientate it with the yellow line on the same side as the 45-degree piece and place it 2 tiles down from the 45-degree piece.

      Next, go to your road/rural highway puzzle pieces. Press tab until you get to the Ave-4 type B1 entrance. Move over to the avenue and place it 6 tiles from the entrance of the tunnel.

      Using the RHW2 piece, drag from the ramp diagonally 2 tiles so it squares up to the 90-degree puzzle piece. Using the RHW2, drag from the now elongated avenue ramp to connect to the 90-degree puzzle piece. These should now connect. Now drag diagonally from the highway ramp to the top of the 45-degree puzzle piece and they should also connect. The final step is to use a filler piece (found under the highway icon). Make sure to orientate the yellow line the same as the other MIS pieces and connect the 45 degree puzzle piece to the 90 degree puzzle piece.

      Now you have a complete and finished loop.

      Go to the other side of the highway and repeat the process to create a secondary loop.

      Now the final stage is to connect the final 2 ramps to complete the interchange.
      Using the same technique earlier to create a ramp on the highway (drag out 1 tile, up 1 tile, out 2 tiles). 12 tiles from the middle of the tunnel create a B1 ramp. Drag the ramp at a diagonal using the RHW2 towards the avenue.

      Now go back to your road/rural highway puzzle piece and press tab to get to the Ave-4 type B1 puzzle piece. This should be placed at an angle so when placed it can be dragged diagonally to meet up with the highway ramp. In this instance it is 11 tiles from the entrance of the tunnel. Drag the ramps together to form a straight diagonal connection.

      Repeat the process on the other side, opposite the other curved interchange you made. There we go, hopefully now you have a completed Avenue/Highway interchange ready to be used.

      Edit 1 - as mentioned by @Jeffrey500, there are a couple of missing links that I discovered and moved further up the highway. These are an exit ramp in north moving traffic and an entrance ramp on south moving traffic. Here is a quick diagram to show how you could incorporate them to this interchange. Still learning 
    • By olegario39
      I know this isn't probably the correct way to use the real highway mod. As of the moment I still suck at using it lol...
      But how do you do a height transition on this part where I drew a white arrow? it's a level 2 RHW-4, and I want to raise it a level to go through those roads. It's basically an exit from the bridge and entrance to where the future airport will be.
      When I try to use any RHW on level 3 or 4, all I can see is just the pylon, or nothing, when I plop the starter piece..no road part at all. I looked everywhere for transition pieces, I found nothing.
      How to do this?

    • By Rady
      Hi all,
      after long years of beeing a fully devoted SC4 player, I recently switched over to C:S. Playing for some hours now, I'm impressed by a few thing, like e.g. buidling curved and elevated networks. WHat an improvement compared to SC4.
      However, I'm really surprised about the lack of functionality that one is used to coming from SC4. My current main problem is building decent urban interchanges "out of the box" ingame. I browsed the Steam workshop, but all I found was ugly, unrealistic looking waste-of-space-interchanges. Well, more or less, at least if it comes down to urban interchanges.
      I therefore started the asset editor and buildt my own interchange between a (major) 6-lane-avenue and a 4-(upt to 8-)-lane street, where the main avenue has now crossings, but goes through an underpass:

      I'm satisfied with the result so far but for one detail: it seems I cannot get a decent slope constructed. As you can see, the slope from 0 to -9 is only in tha last third of what I would assume to be the ramp. Looks more like an San Francisco kind of underpass ... I suppose this is due to the fact that the 6-lane-road narrows down at the tunnel entrance, thus creating an (unnecessary) crossing. 
      I also tried to create the slope in two steps - 0 to -6 m, then -6 to -9. However, in that case the crossing area remains even, so the slope is diveded in two slopes. Additionally, this creates a graphic glitch in the sides of the tunnel ramp .. parts of the wall appear blue.
      Whatever I tried, I cannot get a decent slope that evenly goes form ground level (where the ramps enter) to -9 m at the tunnel entrance. It might be possible if I move the on-/offramps a little bit more out, but my main target is to keep it small.
      Final note on mods: I used the "Road Anarchy" mod to create the on-/offramps, as the vanilla game 
      So, before uploading that onto the STEX I would like you to comment, suggest, improve ... I also can upload the source file if somene likes.
      Cheers, Peter
      FIrst edit: Ingame there appears to be a problem with the terrain at the crossings ... have to look into that. Maybe this is caused by the faxt that the slope already begins in the area where the on-/offramps join ....

    • By wojtason
      I'm trying to find a way to add custom props do an asset editor. Main goal is interchange asset editor. I created a simple model of a lane marking in blender. I saved it as a prop. I see it when I create a park asset in one of the menus. I can't find a way to add it to interchanges. I want to see it in props menu where abandoned car and rocks are. I tried modtools and ui category changer. The only way was to change it as LandmarkTree but in this case my marking is moving as trees. I'm stuck, I'm trying all the categories one by one and I can't see it anywhere. Please help. Thanks!
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