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these are farm fields. Do what you please with this information.


© Thin White Duke

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    • By 11241036
      Short description:
      This plugin contains 24 lots with seasonally changing woods, based on the seasonally changing trees by girafe. Like other lots, they can be found in the park menu. Plop and demolition cost are kept low, and they don’t charge monthly costs. They have a low park effect and slightly reduce air and water pollution. I’ve furthermore tried to create tree combinations corresponding to the most common forest combination in central Europe.
      Since I’m using prop families, there shouldn’t be any repetitive tree patterns in the trees. There are 3 lot sizes; 1x1 can be used in any small gap in your city, 4x1 can be used for long gaps (such as between farm fields) and with the 4x4 lot, you should be able to fill even a large space with trees pretty fast. All lots don’t have any base texture and can therefore be combined with any terrain mod. They don’t trigger the infamous transparent textures bug.
      For further information and more screenshots, please refer to the readme file in the download.
      BSC – VIP Girafe Trees: These links contain all of the trees required for these woods and introduce MMP trees for your mayor mode menu. You need to download every kind of tree separately; fortunately, installation is easy and you won’t end up with a game menu stuffed with buttons that you won’t need anymore.
      - Maple: There are two plugins containing maple trees, I couldn’t figure out which one you need in particular (it’s surely one of those two).
      - Birch: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2620
      - Beech: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2995
      - Ash: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2854
      - Common Spruce: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2945
      - Chestnut: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049
      - Linden: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2869
      - Conifer: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2698
      - Norway Maple: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2740
      Note: To make the MMP trees being displayed properly, you need to download Seasonal Flora Patch. It is highly recommended, albeit not mandatory for the Seasonal Woods set.
      Note: You must be registered at sc4devotion.com to download the dependencies mentioned above.
      Stonehenge: Made by Maxis. Required for the rocks in the woods. Adds the Celtic landmark to the game. (No registration is required; however, the homepage is in German. The download link is at the bottom of the plugin description.)
      Currently available languages:
      -  English
      -  German
      Download the archive corresponding to the language you want. Extract all files to a folder where you will find them. Move or copy this folder into your Plugins sub-folder of your edition of SimCity 4 (for instance: C:/Programs/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins). You can simply overwrite any previous version of this plugin with the new files.
      To uninstall, please delete all files from your plugin subfolder.
      If there are some lots that you won’t use, you may want to open the plugin folder and delete the corresponding files (every lot has its own file).
      Note, if you have already been using Version 1: I've reduced the number of trees in the subsequently mentioned forests: Chestnut, Conifer Evergreen, and Conifer Seasonal. You don't need to bulldoze all of these forests before installing any version higher than 1. However, to reflect the changes in game, you need to bulldoze the forests and build them again.
      This plugin comes in several languages. Please look into the folder “Languages“ and manually delete all files except the one with the language you want to have displayed as game text (e.g. for English: GSW_Description_English).
      This plugin should be compatible with all versions of SimCity 4. If not, please write me a comment so I can change this note.
      -  Girafe for the trees that are making this plugin possible in the first place, and for the permission to duplicate and regroup the props.
      You are of course welcome to write me a private message or leave a comment here for any of the following:
      -  You want me to make improvements or additions. (I can't promise to fulfill all your wishes, I'm really no modding expert )
      -  You have found a bug.
      -  You want me to improve the readme text (the English one in particular, my English may not be perfect).
      -  You can translate the in-game and readme texts to another language.
      -  You found out that I forgot to credit someone (hopefully I can remember everyone).
      -  For any other kind of constructive feedback.
      Version 3, March 14th, 2015:
      - Added 4x1 lot size for all kinds of forests
      Version 2, Aug 31st, 2014:
      - Reduced number of trees on the subsequently mentioned forests: Chestnut, Conifer Evergreen, Conifer Seasonal
      Version 1, July 16th, 2014:
      -  Base version with 16 wood lots released
    • By Mary Maurine Mayo
      there are two lots in this zip file
      2x2 farm using textures for the field lots
      6x6 Farm using the prop for the field lots
      be sure to read the readme file included to grab all the dependency's needed.
    • By tariely
      Hi, @SimCoug. I'm trying your farmhouses but they don't seem to be compatible with SPAM (or it's me just fracking up as usual ). When I try them by themselves they grow OK (I suppose we have to plop fields and pastures around them -- that's fine with me the MMP fiend) ; they apparently also grow as just-houses right in the middle of a town -- hmm.... But when I try to arrange for one of the them, say the 5x5, to grow in an adequately cleared 5x5 space in a SPAM field, no cigar. Can you enlighten me ?
    • By chitown172
      I'm getting a brown box where the house should be for csx gm farm growtech. Does anyone know what model file I'm missing. Went over the dependency list a hundred times and even found other missing dependencies that weren't listed but obviously not all.
    • By Fantozzi
      To avoid the 'show us thread ...' to be abused as a development thread I open this one instead. Seems on this project there is a need for this - as I have to learn and the project seems to become a bigger task to me.
      @rsc204 said:
      "In this case, they are growable, which is clear if you've read the development thread. As for SPAM ready, I'm not sure anyone brought that up, although it would be nice *hint*"
      Nope, sorry. These are my plans and it's still a long journey:
      1. Non-overriding for triple choice: use Maxis-blocker or FrankU's Maxis replacers or (if you think so) Maxis alongside. In fact, many dependencies I will share with FrankU's farms and I try not to repeat what he already did but to complement his work as good as possible (he sems to like flower fields, I think, so me: less flowers fields etc.).
      2. Big set with all CAM stages 1- 7 well covered (-> no SPAM). Advantage: I plan to pack grow stage 1- 3 and 4-7 separate - so you can use a part of the set (1-3) also if you haven't CAM.
      3. Changing farm style and field style with growing stage completely. What you see in the posted picture - the south european, mediterranian style will only be stage 1 and 2. Slowly changing to more 'north american/central european' bigger farms and finally on grow stage 6 and 7 to really ugly heavy industrialized mass production.
      4. But also - and that's the point why I got into it - having the farm field accordingly to the farms. So the vineyards and lovely things on the earlier grow stages (with the mediterranian style) but to have also farm fields looking like industrial mass production on the highest stages. I want to achieve the same significant visual change as for the cities also for the farms. Idears how the highly industrialized farm fields could look like are welcome. Me thinking about how I can make 'farm fields' not really fields but also some kind of modular industrial life stock farming rows. And well, I got the inspiration by @OcramsRzr , who made me thinking about how different farming looks like around the world. So maybe, if I find suitable stuff - I will do some kind of vertical farming etc. on the highest CAM stages too. But that are all thoughts, idears, so far.
      5. If I'm right - there are CAM farms, but no one thought of a concept to use the possibilities of the CAM to redo the farm development through all the 7 stages  before.
      6. And yes, there will be a hell of dependencies. If I'm lotting, I do it to see all the nice stuff other people created on my lots. Girafe made some nice vines and from the SFBT team there are too nice vines (which I turned into timed props). So two different vineyards -> two different dependencies (and only for those!).
      7. I also create and redo timed props partially. I don't want to change the farm fields altogether at March 1. Some change later, some change earlier - so I hope the fields become more natural in the seasonal changing and not like triggered by a fertility goddess that snips with her fingers and -bam! - everything is green.
      So all in all - I see a terrible amount of work. And that's why I was disappointed when for almost a week nothing advanced and nothing seemed to work and why I was so glad when you helped me to proceed again.
      As I just started this project - any idears on farming are welcome. Even idears like: I wish there was a cannabis farm (but I think there already is). Or stuff you would like to see on farm lots etc.
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