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Bottineau HS

Bottineau High School and Panther Field, home of the Bottineau Panthers

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    • By Bad Peanut
      so I've been waiting for sub buildings to become native so I could finally finish off Flinders Street Station (from Melbourne) here's a quick WIP look - probably will release sometime soonish - maybe next week.

      Let me know what you guys think!

    • By mattb325
      This BAT is loosely based on a real school in Bourke Street Surry Hills and acts a combined older style elementary and high school with an expanded school coverage radius.

      During the middle of the 19th Century, the NSW government embarked on a massive school building program in order to relieve the pressures of substandard and over-crowded schools; the problem being particularly chronic in inner city Sydney.
      This building, completed in 1884, was designed as a model school to replace the previous temporary buildings which had housed students since the early 1800s.

      It is modelled (a la mode) in the Italianate Palace Style and construction costs were unparalleled.

      Designed as both a junior and senior school, 19thCentury sensibilities abound: high narrow windows to allow abundant light and airflow, but high enough to stop indolent daydreaming; a small bell tower to announce class times with a single peal and separate entrances for boys and girls in the front senior wing.

      The larger junior wing (Kindergarten to Year 6) has a single cupola dome to mark the entrance for all students. The time and weather-worn motto of the school is carved in sandstone on each of the front Gable projections: “VERITATE VERITUTE”

      This school still stands and has served the children of Surry Hills, Strawberry Hill, Redfern, Moore Park and Waterloo for over 120 years.

      Lot Details and Information
      Lot size: 4 x 4 tiles Menu position: Building: Civic,Building: School,Building: SchoolsK6,Building: Strikable Education,BTE : Education Jobs: Jobs $ : 6,Jobs $$ : 8,Jobs $$$ : 2,R-$ : 6,R-$$ : 8,R-$$$ : 2 Plop cost : § 300 Bulldoze cost: § 30 Monthly cost:
    • By Travis 5
          ITC American Football Fields Project, by Travis  
      Travis and the ITC Team bring you the American Football Fields Project, which has been 11 months in the making. This download comes with 14 varied and assorted-styled american football fields, to suit all your football needs.
      Features List:
      14 lots 2 included props Custom Menu Icons 10-Language Multi-linguality Visit the ITC Team at Simcity4Devotion: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?board=229.0    
      Lot Details and information  
      Lot sizes:  6x5, 7x5, 8x5, 9x5, 8x6, 7x9, 8x11   Menu position: Parks Menu   Plop cost: § 339   Bulldoze cost: § 50-90   Monthly cost: § 45-85 (Vol. 1), § 30 (Vol. 2)   Park Effect: 75-135 over 75-132 (Vol. 1), 90-120 over 90-120 (Vol. 2)   Landmark effect: 60-100 over 10 (Vol. 1), 70-90 over 10 (Vol. 2)   Max. Fire Stage: 4   Power consumption: None   Water consumption: 30-45 Gallons/month   Air pollution: -60/ -176 over 10 tiles   Water pollution: 5-9 over 5-9 tiles  
      Notes   ***This package is multi-lingual, availible in 10 languages, which, if you have the version of the game in one of those languages, the lots will display in that language.
      To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder 
      Note: for some files, you will need to be registered at the SC4D LEX..
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b SFBT Essentials BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 BSC Textures Vol 02 High School Football Stadium BSC MEGA Props ALN Vol01 BSC MEGA Props ALN Vol02 BSC MEGA Props ALN Vol03  
       Credits   Created by Travis, ITC Team, ©2007

      Thanks goes out to...
      ChrisAdams3997, for making the field models themselves, as well as providing invaluable advice and feedback from day 1. Patriots1228, for providing feedback, and creating a few props to be included with the lots. YoshiIsland, for testing and feedback CasperVg, for testing and feedback.
      Translation Credits:
      English - Travis Spanish - Travis French - Casper/Travis Dutch - Casper/Travis German - Andreas Danish - Krbe Swedish - Anders Norwegian - Krbe Finnish - Tage Polish - Adam  
      Feedback & Support  
      Please post any feedback or support issues in the following thread at SC4Devotion:
      Travis' ITC lots

       I will attempt to answer them to the best of my knowledge, and as quickly as possible.
    • By AmiPolizeiFunk
      It was mentioned that this can be done with modtools. How exactly?
      If you make a custom Match Day stadium, how do you tell the fans where to sit? 
    • By GizmoCity
      Together we present you
      3D Model and buildings by Kazu (ks_JPN),Japan
      Pictures supply and lot making by GizmoCity, Rotterdam Holland

      Stadium Feyenoord (De Kuip), Rotterdam, Holland
      The home stadium of Holland’s biggest soccer (European football) club Feyenoord founded in 1908.

      Winners of 14 National League Championships, 1 Champions League Cup, 1 World Cup for clubs, 2 Uefa Cups, 10 National Cups, 2 National Super Cups and many other rewards.

      This 5 UEFA stars stadium that is build in 1936 and completely renovated in 1994 has a capacity of 51177 seats covered over a ground level, 2 upper level rings and skyboxes + business seats.

      Extract the zip file in your my documents/simcity4/plugin map.

      In the game:
      Menu: Landmarks

      To ensure the parking spaces are visible download/install the following dependency:
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