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Other images in Thrilling Traffic (S3-09-W)

Nightmare on Sim St.

A True Thrilling Traffic Story:

There are no plugins in either folder.  Can anybody tell me why there are no sims on the street going to work in the commercial and industrial zones?  When I connected the residential area to the region the trucks rolled across Sim St., but still nobody went to work and neither did they move out. 

So who exactly is working in the commercial and industrial zones and driving those trucks?

My God, they must be invisible zombies!

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The graphical representation of what the sims are doing and what the simulation is doing is often very inconsistent.  SC4 is far from anything like virtual reality simulation, its a bit of a thrilling revelation if you may have expected visual data and logical data to be consistent.   Its impossible to show an accurate and actual picture of traffic, else what you would see in the above picture is hundreds of passenger vehicles gridlocked on their commute to work.    So instead you get a thrilling picture of an empty lane and a sign and some text.  

Just in case, if you go to the bottom of the landscaping tools menu there's a menu item for 'signs and labels tools'.  The signs and labels are part of the 'in game' user interface.

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