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    • By feyss
      My entry for the City Showcase challenge.
      A huge mosaic from Alijstar and its canals.
      Hope you like it
      --> Real size picture here, because it's too damn huge, even for the post below
    • By Froggy_NL
      This is a screenshot from the footwalk bridge over the traintracks in Den Otterdam South.
    • By Froggy_NL
      Hello Citybuilders

      After a lot of years building a city in SimCity 4 (Burgerwaard) I have made the transfer to Cities Skylines. This game is very nice with very nice graphics,
      and with the community building loads of mods there is nothing standing in your way to build a dream city..

      So you guess it right, thats is exactly what i have been started.

      When i am building live you can watch my stream at Twitch if you like.
      It is a very basic stream no fancy stuff, just building in cities skylines with background music.
      I do not speak or chat in my stream beacuse that would take to much time off the building time
      Click here for my Twitch Channel

      My Cities Skylines City 

      A long long time ago there was a river where Otters used to live. Some people decide to live next tot that river and build a small dam and a few homes. Den Otterdam was born.
      The citizens long long time ago, decided to honor the litte Otter animals in there City Shield.
      Welcome to the city of                                    

      Soon i am going to start with this city journal, mind that i do this for a hobby and that it is a ton of work to build a custom city in Cities Skylines with a lot of handplacing props and stuff..
      Everything in the city is Dutch named but i will provide English translation.
      Also i need to make a lot screenshots, adjust them and then place them on the journal so stay tuned..
      In the mean time you get a few nice teasers of Den Otterdam in progress (please keep in mind that it is a city in development)


    • By MisterBlueStar4
      Hey guys so i've been wanting to start a new European City but every map i tried disappoints me.Is there any good ones please?
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