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Barclay Avenue

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    • By RandyE
      Provides lighting, parking, news-stands, food-carts, benches, and pigeons.
      Blvd Park
      Width 5
      Depth 1
      Plop Cost: 150
      Bulldoze Cost: 80
      Monthly Cost: 25
      High Wealth Park
      Air: -5, radius 5
      Water: 2, 2
      Garbage: 1, 1
      Flammability: 1
      Park and Landmark Effects: 30, radius 15
      No Dependencies
    • By SimGuy23
      Hey guys, I recently installed the NAM v35, and I thought I should bring this to the NAM team's attention.

      The regular concrete avenue bridge (no slope needed for approach, high enough for water traffic) has disappeared completely from the game. It appears invisible, and when I went to replace it, it kept saying the terrain was not feasible for bridge placement. 

      That being said, this bridge still appears for the standard road network.

      Will this be fixed in an update? Thanks.
    • By mrbisonm
      Remake of City Planner's BATlot.........
      This is the beginning of a new Nexis Lot Series, built with BATs from our own BATters here on Simtropolis. The matter has been discussed in this thread, and new lots will be regularly shown in this thread before uploading.
      This is the first of this series of many and it is a BAT from City Planner, now released on this new growable lot, btw the first growable from Nexis. It is the Nexis Little Home.
      All the credit for the BAT goes to our member City Planner.
      Lotsize 1x2
      Once downloaded, unzip the Nexis Little Home folder into the MyDocuments/Simcity4/Plugins folder. It includes a .desc and .lot file.

      Dependencies: You need to download the modelfile from:

      Like all other Nexis lots, there are no other dependencies, unless otherwise stated. All props and textures are from Maxis and in the original RH game.
      Have Fun with Nexis and come visit the STEX Lots Service.
    • By TPB
      NOTICE: Version two is now up here on Simtropolis and has been updated to the same items as the previous version on Steam. So for Steam users, you don't need to do anything, just rebuild your avenues.   Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. If you built avenues with previous versions I ask you to kindly rebuilt them with these pieces.   ---   Whats new in version 2?   - Menu Icons! Yes you read that right, no more scrolling and waiting for pop-up bubbles. This version comes with shiny new menu icons for your enjoyment!  Big thank you to Ratonces, who showed me how to do it.     - No more guide grids; easy, flexible placement; tolerates slopes.   - More realistic spacing of elements. Less fountains, trees and benches.   - Removed garbage production and reduced EntertainmentAccumulation, as well as Tourism numbers.   - Changed piece size standard from 6x10 to 6x12, fillers from 4x2 to 6x2.       The MAv2 is an Integrated Park, Roads and Electric Grid system. This version features major improvements in usability, look and versatility.   17 Assets in total, neatly packaged in one zip file, allow the creation of a beautiful avenue system with integrated park effect and electric transmission as a bonus.   The Guide Grid system from the previous version has been done away with completely and several new avenue pieces added instead.   These can be plopped anywhere(except in water, shore or on very steep terrain), and don't require to be placed next to a road as normal parks do. They are fully functional both as parks and as transport systems. You can zone next to them, build services, bus-stops, and even make your own Avenue Median filler parks (6x2) to customize the look of your avenues. Or zone in the median for some nice shopping spaces.   The Cims love to use the avenue, they sit on the benches, they walk on the median, they gather on corners, they take the pedestrian overpasses. It makes your city acquire an additional layer of liveliness and realism.   The pieces have a unified lanscaped look. Common elements are benches, fountains, trashcans, flower pots, trees, shrubs, and other vanilla props.   Some variety is added through the use of vending machines props, billboards and kiosks, as well as "crowd" props to bring some spots to life. More customization is available if you make your own fillers in the Asset Editor, or as future releases from me.   The zip file, (or steam collection, which I'll update next) contains all you need to build your Avenues.   My videos about the first version are now obsolete. I'll be making new ones in the next few days.   Here is a quick-and-dirty demo with youtube annotations, when I get some time I'll make a proper video.   [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La_OaPUAvGY[/media]   An image tutorial will be added has been added to this page as well, but the main idea is this:     How to use - Simple General Instructions   Familiarize yourself with the pieces, which are now all in the parks menu and have icons.   Pick your first piece and plop it.   Select the two-lane one-way-road with trees tool and drag a 4 cell (300 construction cost in hard mode) stretch from an outgoing stub on the avenue piece.   Using the grid created by the road you just drew as a guide, draw another 4 cell road but this time in the opposite direction.   Now you can snap another piece into those stubs. Then repeat the above process, making sure to use the two-lane one-way-road with trees tool and ensuring you are always making 300 construction cost (6 cells) segments.   Rinse and repeat until you are done making any layout you want. Easy huh?   How to use - perpendicular avenues   To make a crossing between two perpendicular avenues, or a T intersection, use the 4 node avenue intersection piece. Plop it, then do the same as above, but when you drag from the stubless nodes, this time drag 2 extra, or 6 cells (450 contruction cost in hard mode) This is to account for the missing stubs on this piece. If you don't care about symmetry or about putting fillers in all gaps, you can drag as many cells as you want in length.   You can use the 5 node piece to make an intersection as above but with a 6-lane road leaving on one side.   How to use - Intersections   I've condensed U-turns, Ts and Intersections for the normal roads into one piece for each road type. For normal "intersection" pieces (ones without the word "nodes" in them), you plop the piece, then you can either leave it as it is for a U-Turn effect, drag the respective road type from one side for a T intersection, or from both sides for a full intersection.     Other   The rest of the pieces are fairly intuitive once you get the hang of how it works.    There are some Half-T pieces, which means the road joins the avenue but only on one side; and Double-T pieces, which means the roads join on both sides but dont traverse the median. Then there is a curve piece for making avenue corners, a straight piece, and a filler for the gaps between sections.   The filler you can use to fill these gaps left between pieces, or you can zone in them for some shops to be in the median, or you can make your own 6x2 filler parks to add variety!   Have fun building!     ---------   Suggestions as always are welcome, as well as any comments or problems you may discover.   fb.com/TPBsWorkshop   Steam Workshop   Youtube   Are you rich and want to help a Mexican buy his tacos? Donate.    
    • By Jose26x
      Hi buddies, I created my first mod using SketchUp.
      Everything is fine till I put in the game, I had an error LOD_FBX is broken. everything in the game seems fine but ward off the camera, the mod will disappear. I forgot to color variation is not disabled.

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