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Old city

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    • By kingofsimcity
      KOSC presents: Trafalgar Complexes


      This is the fourth set of lots in my ITS Office Park series. I was originally going to release this around 2 months ago, but the beast that was Skylines took me out of my SC4 mood :). In a slight departure from previous releases of the series, this lot is multi-purposed for not only offices, but also residential and services. Originally there were supposed to be more lot variants, but due to the nature of the building and the age of it, I decided not to proceed forward. Therefore, this is in a sense, a TIOLI (take it or leave it) lot.

      Package Overview

      Trafalgar Complexes is a reinmagination of Ill Tonkso's original Trafalgar Hall BAT, which was a small, standalone midrise. There are two distinct variants, but all of them share the same layout. The office version is marked by the concrete pavement, while the hotel and condominium versions have dark asphalt pavement with brickwork in the main driveway.

      Included in the following package are a total of 3 growables versions (1 for CO, CS and R). There are no ploppable versions this time around. However, you can use the BuildingPlop cheat from Extra Cheats to plop them if you wish (all the lot exemplars are prefixed with KOSC ITS _buildingname_ ). As always, a custom prop exemplar for the building is included in order to simulate multi-building lots.

      General Stats

      Lot Size: 8x8 (Right Corner)
      Growth: Medium/High Density Only

      Trafalgar Offices
      Growth Stage: 5
      Capacity: 1073 CO$$$, 1532 CO$$ when dilapidated
      Power/Water: 43/474
      Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 6/6/4/0

      Trafalgar Condos
      Growth Stage: 5
      Capacity: 671 R$$$, 1532 R$$ and 2773 R$ when dilapidated
      Power/Water: 85/114
      Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 6/6/4/0

      Trafalgar Hotel Towers
      Growth Stage: 3
      Capacity: 347 CS$$$, 863 CS$$ and 3444 CS$ when dilapidated
      Power/Water: 97/867
      Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 23/15/30/0

      All buildings will grow on the Houston and Euro tilesets.


      Main Building(s)

      Trafalgar Hall

      Textures/Prop Resources

      SHK Parking Pack
      BSC Textures Vol. 1
      BSC Textures Vol. 2
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1

      If you've downloaded any of my previous ITS Office Park lots, you should have most if not all of the required texture/prop dependencies.

      All credit goes to Ill Tonkso for the great BAT!
    • By Doctoryzer
      19th century hospital example
    • By Didius
      I recently recovered my trusty old Power Mac G4 MDD (PPC), after installing Mac OS X Tiger and playing around with it I installed Sim City 4 for mac on it.
      It runs great (with the Rush Hour addon) but I soon run into the traffic problems the default version has. I'm looking to install NAM, but unfortunately the latest NAM for mac doesn't run since my mac OS X is to old or since I'm running this on a native PPC.
      I've been looking on the web for an older version of NAM which would work in PPC versions of OS X. (I didn't expect the recent versions to work on this old OS) Does anyone know if Nam was even released for these powerpc macs? And would it still be possible to download this?
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