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Oppie Dutch Windmill Roundabout Filler

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Originating in Asia, more than 1,000 years ago, and finally coming to Europe in the 12th century AD, windmills, being a versatile machinery, have long played an important role regarding supplying humanity with free power. Nowadays, they have somewhat lost their importance, but sometimes a windmill can get an important landmark reminding your Sims of the past or creating some kind of identity. Therefore, this Dutch windmill, originally created by oppie and unfortunately only released on the German forum of SimCity 4, has been re-lotted to become a filler for the large avenue roundabout. It looks good especially in suburban or industrial environments. It can be found in the park menu, and it has a moderate landmark and park effect.



Content creation:

This is a 100% relot. The content you see has been created by:

  • oppie (windmill)
  • SimGoober (azaleas, tall shrubs)


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    • By Glenni
      Avenue Roundabout Fillers
      This package contains four avenue roundabout fillers for use in the middle of avenue roundabouts. Six lots are available to choose from.
      Note that you must plop the avenue roundabout first, demolish the middle four tiles then build the roundabout filler in the middle of the roundabout.
      Pedestrian Underpass
      Stinking and humid, this pedestrian underpass should have been closed down a long time ago, as this place is mostly just used as a hangout for hoodlums, criminals and bums.
      This fountain has huge oversized gold and silver coins at the bottom of the fountain. The fountain walls and bottom are all covered in beautiful mosaic patterns.
      These are just your average roundabout pieces, nothing special about them, and can be used anywhere and everywhere from downtown areas to suburbs. There are 2 different versions. One with just a curb, grass and signs, and one with rails added.

      Lot Details
      Name: Avenue Roundabout Filler - Trashy Pedestrian Underpass Menu Location: Misc. Transport Lot Size: 2x2, overhanging building Custom Menu Icon: Yes Plop Cost: $128 Monthly Cost: $3 Bulldoze Cost: $100  
      Name: Avenue Roundabout Filler - Fountain Menu Location: Misc. Transport Lot Size: 2x2, overhanging building Custom Menu Icon: Yes Plop Cost: $144 Monthly Cost: $15 Bulldoze Cost: $100  
      Name: Avenue Roundabout Filler - Generic No Rails Menu Location: Misc. Transport Lot Size: 2x2, overhanging building Custom Menu Icon: Yes Plop Cost: $144  
    • By RandyE
      I re-worked the Traffic Control Center and added 6 more 2x2 Park Menu lots that can be used in the the NAM avenue roundabout.  There are 3 more 'Control Tower' themed lots, and 3 different park lots, one is an amusement type using the Maxis Tilt-a-Whirl ride, one a forested rest-place with a gazebo, and the other a decorative grassy park.  All the lots use Maxis props and lighting, and have unique Park Menu icons.
      All lots have the same stats:
      Park Effect: 10 over 10, Landmark Effect: 20 over 10.
      Power Consumed: 20 MWh, Water: 10 gph.
      Monthly Cost: 50§
      Minimal water and air pollution.
      The landmark effect is a bit higher as they are feature parks, the 'Control Tower' lots having an imaginary civic function in controlling city traffic.  The roundabouts are part of the Network Addon Mod (NAM) which is specialized for transit and traffic networks, but the lots are stand-alone and can be used separately as park lots.  If using the NAM bulldoze the default lot in the center of the avenue roundabout and plop one of the 2x2 lots.  Any 2x2 lot can be used.
      The dependency file is located on SimCity 4 Devotion (SC4D) on the following linked page:
      Maxis Lot Editor (LE) Tool and Addons
      Alternatively, the file below may be used instead of bldgprop_vol1.dat.  It is a better option as it combines access to all the Maxis buildings as props and adds a better hover query showing the lot name. 
      The above dependencies must be installed in your game application Plugin folder.  
      To Install this package:
      Place the 'Roundabout Variety Pack Lots' folder in the zipfile to the 'SimCity 4\Pulgins' folder in user 'Documents'.
    • By CT14
      FAB Diagonal Industrials
      Type: Landmark (I-M) Menu: Landmarks Lot size: 1x1 (overhanging building prop with right angle 45 degree trapezoid footprint) Plop cost: 50 Bulldoze cost: 10 Capacity satisfied: 23 Prop family: 1, 2, 3, 4 story buildings in HD Variations: Left and Right versions Theme: 19th century/early 20th century/brown brick/W2W Night lighting: Maxis About:
      Here is the first release in the Fractional Angle Building series, the FAB Diagonal Industrials. They fill the space next to any diagonal network. Mirrored left and right versions are included.
      The buildings use a prop family with between one to four stories appearing randomly on placement.
      No dependencies.
      Version history:
      2/19/2017: v1.0 release
      Development thread:
    • By Jasoncw
      The Air Filter cleans polluted air by sucking it through a dense volume of special vegetation which captures airborne particles.
      This small lot is fitted for NAM roundabouts, and has air pollution reduction capabilities far greater than other parks and trees.

      Air pollution is reduced by 250 over a 20 tile radius, which is more than a coal power plant. It costs §835 to plop, and §225 per month.
      Unfortunately, because of the way pollution works in the game, traffic pollution isn't affected.
      The air filter is not a cheat lot. While it can overcome air pollution (at a cost) it cannot overcome bad city planning.
      1x1 park lot. MaxisNite and DarkNite night versions. DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd.
      Click here to learn about new projects in the works
    • By kingofsimcity
       3rd Place  entry from Modular Complexes (S3-15-C)
       Custom Content 
      25  Rep
      11  Bonus Points
      25  TOTAL Points
      Challenge Results Data  |  Leaderboard Rankings
      [Download Content]
      Some FA2 based fillers for your anti-staircase needs.
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