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Extraterrestrical Life Research Station

Before voting, we recommend you download and try out this item of content:
[Download Here]

Seems like you will be getting another modern high-tech facility related to space research...

For many centuries, Sims from all regions have been asking themselves what would be beyond the abyss, deep in the neverending space of the blue-checkered sky. One of the most common myths was about a planet called Earth where whimsical things happen: The planet would be round, there is no grid to which roads have to orientate and all Sims could pass to another city without paying attention to the yellow arrow.

Of course, nowadays, everyone knows that this is past-days nonsense: There is no place called Earth. Nevertheless, even today scientists are occupied with the search for extraterrestrical intelligence. Therefore, they have asked the mayor for permission to erect this research station. Its huge dish is supposed to receive electromagnetic signs from the space which in turn will be analyzed in the central grey building. This device is only accessible for especially trained personnel, hence it is surrounded by a security fence and the entrance is guarded. Due to the utilisation of highly modern technology, environment pollution is kept low and the local high-tech industry will be happy about lots of manufacturing orders issued to them; however, this does also mean that this research station consumes a good amount of power. In return, the entire city’s population benefits from the knowledge gained from the research, regardless if aliens are being detected or not.

Minor note: It may be ugly for some users, but this time I placed it at the city tile's border on purpose - the blue-checkered background is obviously part of the screenshot :D

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Please download and test here: (I hope I'm allowed to enter the download link, if not, please notify me or feel free to remove the link).


That's fine, we'll actually be adding links to all the uploads in each image description.

Just to make it easy for anyone to download before voting. ;)

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What are the chances that there's another citybuilder in outer space were intelligent sims - like we - move in and out? Man, how I love your idear.

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